Sunday, September 21, 2014


I'll admit, while I was super excited for this sequel to Adriana and Vince's story, I did have some trepidation going into it. Like most sequels, Im always hoping they will continue to wield that magical power and keep me as intrigued as I was with the first book. I'm happy to say that Ms. Waltz did not disappoint! I was along for the intriguing thrill ride all the way to the end! 

Adriana thinks she and Vince have cleared the way and only have the future to look forward to now. But Vince knows differently. He knows the war with the rival family, the Rizzos can't carry on and they need to find a way to make peace. Only he doesn't realize it may cost him his future. 
When Adriana is approached by the Rizzos she has a choice to make. Work for them or risk both her mother and Vince's mother being killed. Oh and one other small detail.....break off the engagement with Vince and break his heart first. Yikes!! 

This is one of the best mafia romance stories I've read in a long time. 
It definitely left all the 'cheesiness' and stereotypes at the door. Even though it can be dark and sometimes disturbing, it has great angst, drama, romance, murder, lies and deceit. Everything you'd imagine a good mafia story to have. 

If you're a fan of dark romantic mafia stories this book is calling your name! Highly recommend!

5 "Crazie good" Stars! ~Cami