Sunday, February 21, 2016


Cipher, by Emma Shade, is a standalone and is told in the heroine's POV.  It's mysterious, enticing, and will keep you on your toes until the very end. It's a little tamed down from the books I normally read, but so refreshing I must say. It's YA with some paranormal elements.

In this sweet, mysterious love story, we are introduced to Grayson and Jazmin.   

Jazmin has to start over her Senior year of high school in a new state and a new town. She has to make new friends and adjust to her new life, and she's not very happy about it. The kids at her new school are not very welcoming to her except for the hottest guy in school, and one of the flawless elite, Grayson Sterling.

It doesn't take long for Jazmin to realize that Crawstone, Indiana, is not the town it appears to be. Something strange is going on and she is determined to find out what that is. She is being haunted by a ghost of a girl that was murdered in her new town. 

I'm gonna stop right here so I don't give too much away. I really enjoyed this book. Emma Shade has a creative imagination. I've read her previous books and I loved them. This book is definitely different from her normal writing style, but she did add a little bit of paranormal in this one.  I'm not normally a paranormal fan so that tells you what kind of author Emma Shade is.   

I definitely recommend Cipher. If you like YA then this is the book for you. If you like paranormal, then this is a book for you.  It's not considered a paranormal book but it does have a touch of paranormal element to it.

I give Cipher 4 Crazie Stars!! ~Kim

Saturday, February 20, 2016


When I read the synopsis of His Light in the Dark, I had to read it. Childhood friends to lovers are some of my favorite reads. 

Unfortunately, this book wasn't for me. I never really felt connected to the characters. I loved Mace, who was Mia's father, and his character. I even liked Cole and Mia. I just never really got drawn in. I love when a book pulls me in and that's all I can think about for days after I'm finished. This book just didn't meet my expectations.

I liked the book and the direction it was going, it just never really got there for me. I felt it could have been shortened some because it lost me for awhile. I caught myself skimming to get through. The first part of the book and the last part of the book I actually loved. It was the middle where I got distracted and started skimming. 

I'm thinking maybe it was just me and my mindset at the time of reading this one. I would recommend the book. The author does a great job with her writing and the storyline was a good one. I just didn't connect with these characters like I wanted to. So that could be on me and not the author. 

I give His Light in the Dark 3 Crazie Stars! ~Kim