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Elizabeth's Review~ Ex-Con~ Scott Hildreth~


★4.5 I need more EX-CON STARS!★

"All we needed was a second chance."


EX-Con is the fifth book in the Selected Sinners MC Series. Although the characters are intertwined throughout the series, each book can be read and devoured as a stand alone. This was my first Scott Hildreth read and I assure you it will not be my last!


In the opening scene of EX-Con, we are introduced to a vibrant young woman named Emily. After a night of partying, she finds herself in a precarious state with a "handsy" frat boy. Lucky for Ms. Em, Jackson (a member of the Hell's Fury MC) quickly comes to her aid. 

"My savior was tall, extremely muscular, and what portions of his body weren't covered by the seemingly microscopic leather vest he was wearing were decorated with tattoos."-Em


Emily and Jackson have an instant attraction to one another and yet, it is the emotional connection that is made that draws Jackson to Emily like a moth to a flame. 

"Okay, Jackson the biker, you've got my attention, now what?"-Em

Although Emily is anxious to jump into bed with the "honorable, tattooed, bad biker", Jackson is not into meaningless sex. If Emily and Jackson were to pursue a relationship it would be only if Emily is able to agree to Jackson's terms for sharing his bed. Additionally, Jackson makes it clear that it must be a mutual decision that they make together! Jackson is hesitant to invest in a relationship because he has already suffered the loss of two lovers. 

"What if my future with anything or anyone is sealed from what I've done in the past."-Jackson

As Jackson and Emily's friendship blossoms, the sexual tension continues to increase. As trust is built between the two, a beautiful friendship is formed and the foundation of long lasting love is established. Once Em and Jackson enhance their emotional bond by adding the physical connection, the intensity increases as they both begin to feel deeply for one another. Although Emily is no virgin, Jackson's preferences in the bedroom are new and exciting for her. Em feels like a kid on Christmas morning every time they are together. (As the reader, you will too! Thank you for that Mr. Hildreth!)


"I realized I wasn't only being fucked by Jackson Shephard. I was deeply in love with him."-Em

Jackson and Emily share an intense bond that only grows stronger throughout the development of the story. At the exact moment you feel that the read is coasting to a HEA 40% too early, everything shifts. Jackson is torn from Em and it is questionable if they will ever find their way back together again. 




EX-Con is an expertly crafted story with complex characters, an intense plot, action, and explosive sex scenes. Each moment is depicted with precision in a way that the reader feels transported directly into the scene. Told in dual POV, EX-Conis so much more than a biker romance. This is truly the tale of a man overcoming betrayal, abandonment, and loss. This is the tale of a woman who finds trust and unconditional love in the arms of an "unconventional man". What is most remarkable about this read is the many layers that are explored within the characters. Because the story takes place over many years, we experience the longevity of the "sense of loss" and the tender moments of joy! The writing style of Mr. Hildreth is fluid and natural throughout. The dialogue is witty and heartfelt. The tempo is well paced and each element of the plot was well balanced as the action increases.

"Jackson wasn't a man I had simply fallen in love with, he had become a part of my inner being. No differently than my lungs, heart, kidneys, and liver were all needed to keep me alive, Jackson was now a necessary part of my existence. Without him, I was certain to wither and die."-Em


"He made me a promise that he'd eventually always come home. And Jackson Shephard never breaks a promise."-Em


"Yes, sir?"

Overall, EX-Con is so much more than the typical "biker banging romance novel". It is unique because of the well crafted blend of romance, passion, action, and everything in between. I found this read to be utterly delightful because of the two main characters Emily and Jackson. Both independent and strong characters alone and yet, together they are a powerhouse! Due to the extreme sexual desires of this hero, the tender romance between the two main characters, the well developed plot, and the driving action, I'd say there is something for everyone in this read! I simply cannot express the excitement I am feeling in regards to discovering a new author to explore. The playground is open for business and this girl is ready to play! Thankfully, Moneyshot is already locked and loaded on my kindle! 

***Selected Sinners MC***
Making the Cut (Selected Sinners MC, #1) by Scott HildrethTaking the Heat (Selected Sinners MC, #2) by Scott HildrethOtis (Selected Sinners MC, #3) by Scott HildrethHung (Selected Sinners MC, #4) by Scott HildrethEX-CON (Selected Sinners MC, #5) by Scott HildrethMoney Shot Moneyshot (Selected Sinners Book 6) by Scott Hildreth

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My Rating 4★★★★Never given up on you Bear Stars

Title: Lawless
Author: T.M. Frazier
Genre:Contemporary Romance
Type: Book 3 of 4 from King Series
POV: First Person – Dual


“We were two tortured souls…But we found each other. We needed each other.” Thia


Lawless is the story of “Bear aka Abel” who we meet in King and Tyrant. Bear had suffered so much growing up and was just out of the MC “hiding” or just staying away from his father who wanted his head. He was living a destructive life with no escape or hope of being saved. When he least expected some mistakes of his past brought him back to the town he never wanted to see again. Back in Florida he finds this stupid girl that he never in his dreams imagine would take his words seriously and his life changes dramatically.

“I missed knowing my place in the world and knowing who I was…driving back into the gates of my hell, I had no fucking idea.” Bear


Thia Andrews; at only ten-years old meets Bear during one bad circumstance. Bear gives her something to trick her not to give his trouble MC friend away. Thia takes Bear’s gift and believes in his words. Seven years later; at seventeen years old she finds herself in trouble and no one or nowhere to run to. She panic and the only person that came to her mind was the promised of help from Bear. Little did she know that going to him was going to make her life more dangerous than it already was.

After King is able to get Bear back in town to handle the trouble that Thia was in; Bear finds himself not knowing what to do. He just wants her to go away and for him to continue his destructive life. I really felt for Bear for everything he went through. Thia had no family left she lost her brother at a young age and now she had no parents either or any family to go to and in a big hole that she doesn’t know how to escape from. Growing up too early she had to learn the hard way to depend on no one but herself with two part time jobs on top of her full time job; she was trying to help out at her home the best she could. I loved how brave she was she didn’t hesitate when she had to pull the trigger when trouble faced her. She was a great shooter and that impressed Bear. He had never met anyone like her; so strong and determine but fragile at the same time. Bear saw so much in her and she saw the same emptiness and sadness in Bear. She wanted to help him and he wanted to help her. They were just perfect together.


With a little persuasive she got what she was wanting from Bear he gave in he tried to resist the entire time but at the end he just couldn’t; he couldn’t helped wanting her. 

“I’m not stopping at kissing. I’m not stopping until you’re mine in every fucking way.” Bear

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bear was bound to do anything for Thia even if that meant making her hate him; he knew that once his father finds her she was dead and he was willing to give himself up to save her. All the events at the end of the book left me breathless and with panic. I had an ache in the chest, my throat was in knots and I just wanted and make it all better but of course I have to read the beginning of the next book and shit why did I do that?? I felt worse than before. Now off to wait for the next book to come because I need answers and revenge. This waiting my just kill me.

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“He was just a boy who had no clue what he was doing and I was just a girl who had no idea what to do with all the feelings I had swarming around inside of me.” Thia

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"ARC kindly provided via TRSOR blog tour, in exchange for an honest review."

Book Series Order:
King (King, #1) by T.M. FrazierTyrant (King, #2) by T.M. FrazierLawless (King, #3) by T.M. FrazierSoulless (King, #4) by T.M. Frazier

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Elizabeth's Review~Lawless~ T. M. Frazier~ Contemporary Romance


★ 5 Loving Lawless Stars ★

"I was already going to hell. Might as well enjoy the ride there." 


Lawless is the dynamic third installment of the King Series. T.M. Frazier has done it again with her complex characters, twisted plot lines, and broken love stories that will bring you to your knees every time! 


"Red stains are the worst, expecially in white grout."

Lawless is Bear's story. When Tyrant ended, Bear was left in a dangerous emotional state. Abused and broken, he decided to escape reality and take a trip down the "self-destruction highway". Booze, women, and every cigarette from every gas station (in every county) in Florida cannot help him forget the pain. 


"He mad you a promise. He will help you. He can do the thinking for you. You just have to get there."- Thia

Many years before, Bear had made a promise to a young girl. Now, the little girl is all grown up. When trouble barrels in like a shotgun on her doorstep, she takes off to find solace in the man who promised her help. Little did she know that man is long gone. 

"Used, spent, hot, useless. Broken. Why was I there?"

While seeking help from Bear, Thia falls into the hands of the Beach Bastards MC. In order to unleash a holy war against Bear, they take great pleasure in roughing Thia up. Physically abused and emotionally broken both Thia and Bear must find their way together. Through the support of King, Ray, and Grace, Thia and Bear begin the journey to healing. 


"He cupped his hands around my face and kissed me like he was screaming at me, punishing me for disobeying him, for being in his life, for not being in his life."


"Bear's lips on mine wasn't just something amazing. It was an event. It was downright magical."

Thia and Bear share a significant connection due to their past experiences and present situation. Where Bear is rough and gritty, Thia is soft and innocent. Bear is a master in the bedroom and Thia is as pure as a Disney Princess. And yet, however sweet and angelic she appears to be, we soon learn Thia is tough. She is a true fighter to her core. 


"We were at war, a war of passion and lust, and anger and hate and every feeling I'd had towards the confusing man."

The physical attraction between Bear and Thia is instantaneous and yet, their relationship develops at a slow and steady burn. The anticipation that builds only causes their first connection to ignite right off of the pages of the book. The intensity between the two was dark and yet, so beautiful! Thia and Bear find solace in one another and yet, with the Beach Bastard MC and the law closing in on them it is only a matter of time before their happy existence is blown to pieces.

"I'm not stopping at kissing. I'm not stopping until you're mine in every fucking way. I'll try not to hurt you, but this is happening right fucking now. I'm warning you that I want you so much, my version of gentle still might be really fucking hard."


"I was selfish. I was an asshole. I needed to fuck her more than I needed to breathe."

Told in dual POV, Lawless offers a unique blend of strong characterization, a well developed plot, multiple action packed moments, and raw passion that will leave you breathless. The secondary characters (that we know and love from this series) offer a constant reminder that every broken person has the ability to be healed and loved. 

"King was a bull who ran in his own direction and Preppy was the wild donkey, running amongst bulls with no direction at all."

The dialogue drives the action with it's rich text and fluid movement. The action takes you right to the edge of comfort before you free fall into the next emotion. Each moment is felt to the core as Thia and Bear navigate their way through the dark together. In true T.M. fashion, we are left with many questions yet to be answered. I have complete faith in this author to bring Bear and Thia through this transformation with perfection and grace and I, for one, am just thankful to be along for the ride! 

"He could rip me in two and I still didn't care because it wasn't what he could do to my body that I was worried about. It was what he could do to my heart."


"Never doubt that this has always belonged to me. YOU have always belonged to me."

Overall, Lawless is simply perfect! I enjoyed every second of this read. Returning to these characters was like coming home and I simply cannot get enough. I highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys a well developed gritty love story. Bear and Thia's story is one to cherish and remember forever. Bravo, Ms. Frazier! And may I also add....Encore! Please....Encore! 

"I love you...."

***King Series***

King (King, #1) by T.M. FrazierTyrant (King, #2) by T.M. FrazierLawless (King, #3) by T.M. Frazier

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★ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review via TRSROR for blog tour!★


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                Molly O'Keefe

About the Author.....

Molly O’Keefe has always known she wanted to be a writer (except when she wanted to be a florist or a chef and the brief period of time when she considered being a cowgirl). And once she got her hands on some romances, she knew exactly what she wanted to write.
She published her first Harlequin romance at age 25 and hasn’t looked back. She loves exploring every character’s road towards happily ever after.
Originally from a small town outside of Chicago, she went to university in St. Louis where she met and fell in love with the editor of her school newspaper. They followed each other around the world for several years and finally got married and settled down in Toronto, Ontario. They welcomed their son into their family in 2006, and their daughter in 2008. When she’s not at the park or cleaning up the toy room, Molly is working hard on her next novel, trying to exercise, stalking Tina Fey on the internet and dreaming of the day she can finish a cup of coffee without interruption.
Dishing It Out, her last Harlequin Flipside won the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award for best Flipside in 2005.
Her Superromance Baby Makes Three won the RT Reviewer’s Choice for best Superromance in 2006.  L-length Her novella, “The Christmas Eve Promise” in The Night Before Christmas won the RITA in 2009. And her full length contemporary romance CRAZY THING CALLED LOVE won the RITA in 2013.
Books by Molly O'Keefe:


Everything I Left Unsaid The Truth About Him


Seduced Tempted Redeemed


Wild Child Never Been Kissed Between The Sheets Indecent Proposal
Can't Buy Me Love Can't Hurry Love Crazy Thing Called Love


Unexpected Family His Wife For One Night Baby Makes Three A Man Worth Keeping Worth Fighting For The Temptation of Savannah O'Neill Tyler O'Neill's Redemption The Scandal and Carter O'Neill The Son Between Them The Story Between Them His Best Friend's Baby   


Summer Rain The Night Before Christmas 



Elizabeth's Reviews 


"Change is a choice. It's long and it's slow." 


The Truth About Him is a stunning follow up to Everything I Left Unsaid. This read is raw and grips your heart in a vice as the truth is unveiled layer by layer. I was truly taken in by this fantastic read and I cannot wait to read more from this author!

At the conclusion of Everything I Left Unsaid, everything is left wide open. Annie and Dylan are in danger both physically and emotionally. As the physical danger subsides, the emotional trauma intensifies as both characters must find their way. The question remains: will they find their way together or apart? Annie is working hard to heal the brokenness she is harboring inside. Dylan wants to keep Annie beside him and yet, he feels like he will only bring her more pain and heartbreak. 
"But Annie deserved someone good. And I used to think I could be the guy to give it to her. But it looked like that was only a dream."

The mystery surrounding the supporting characters begins to surface to the forefront of the story. The plot is riddled with conflicts and the transformation each character takes along the journey is pivotal to the story. Every moment holds meaning and is emotionally exposed so that the reader experiences every heartbeat right along with the characters.
"I thought. It was a leap of faith. Scary as shit."

The physical connection between Dylan and Annie is quite unique. Annie is growing sexually and wants to explore every inch of Dylan. Although he is hesitant, due to his own insecurities, he submits to her and the combination is sexy, raw, and smoking hot! I simply couldn't get enough of these two together!

"Baby, I'm going to want to have sex with you until the day I die."

"I'm not letting you go."

Told in dual POV, The Truth About Him has a unique plot line and real characters (with all of the beautiful flaws and imperfections) to explore. The action is set at a moderate pace and coupled with the "sexy steam factor", I simply didn't want this one to end! 


"Because I am his. And only his."

Overall, The Truth About Him is a fantastic read. I thoroughly enjoyed Annie's transformation from Everything I Left Unsaid and was quite humbled by the love she found with Dylan. If you are a fan of flawed characters and second chance romance stories than this is the read for you. I only hope Ms. O'Keefe will continue this journey and expose more from the secondary characters. Because I, for one, simply cannot get enough!
~ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review!~





Everything I Left Unsaid is like nothing I have EVER read. It has an impeccable blend of sexiness, mystery, action, intrigue, and romance all wrapped up into one power punch of a read! As I feel it is imperative for every reader to go into this one blind, I will avoid spoilers at all cost in this review.

"No one missed me. Or worried. Or wondered. I'd vanished and the world just kept spinning."
Annie is on the run and lands straight into a trailer park in the boonies of North Carolina. In order to escape her abusive husband, she has abandoned everything in order to survive. Moments after she has arrived in her new home (an RV trailer in the middle of a run down trailer park), she finds a phone. The phone rings and she meets Dylan. 

"Daniels was the beast. He was the bad guy in the stories. Some other asshole could be the hero, save the day and get the girl."

Dylan is a recluse living in a mansion in the mountains. He has always had someone "watching" the old man living in the trailer park. When a new girl answers the phone, he realizes there is something different about her. Dylan has scars (both emotionally and physically) that have caused him to want to hide away from the world. Can Annie be the angel he needs to drag him out of his hell?
"The rules he was breaking were piling up around his feet like metal shavings, razor sharp and about to cut them both."

Honestly, this book was such a surprise. It was a bit of a slow starter for me because I was simply trying to gather my bearings. And yet, as the pieces began to fall into place, I could not put it down. With Dylan's guidance, Annie is discovering who she is. Dylan awakens Annie's sexual desires and once the temptation is awakened in her, she doesn't want to stop. The amount of passion and tension in this read is the driving force of the plot. It is silent but deadly throughout each beat of each moment. There are so many questions just desperately waiting to be answered. The secondary characters play a significant role in the story and thoroughly enhanced the plot. Of course, I was dying to know what happened to Dylan to make him 'the beast" that he has become? Who is the old man in the trailer park? Will Annie finally be free from the demons of her past? Is love really possible through so much pain? Told in dual POV, Ms. O'Keefe keeps the intrigue building and the tension doesn't stop. Not only is this a clever plot with well crafted execution but the sexy factor is off the charts. This book has something for everyone!

"Carefully, as if he were a live bomb, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. I was struck with the very real fear that nothing was going to be enough with him. Not ever."

Overall, I cannot rave enough about this read. However, be forewarned, you will want to have the next book handy as this one ends in a huge cliffhanger! Thankfully, I was able to get the second book loaded on my kindle before I even finished this one. I highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys a sexy romance story with action, suspense, and a story full of heart! I am so glad that I read this book and I cannot wait to read more from this author! 
~ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review!~