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Elizabeth's Review~ Denial~ Lisa Renee Jones~ Contemporary Romance




"What could be so bad that I'd rather leave myself behind than face it?"


Denial is the first book in the Careless Whispers Series! Additionally, it is my first Lisa Renee Jones read. The blurb was a real attention grabber and I am exceedingly glad that I picked this book up! The questions and the suspense of the "unknown" are what kept me hooked the entire read! Although this is a spin off of Jones' The Inside Out Series, I had no trouble jumping right in!

"Hiding. Running. Vulnerable."



Ella wakes up in a hospital in Italy. She is injured and scared and yet, she is not alone. Standing by her side is a tall, dark, and powerful man. 

"He just stands before me, power and sex wafting off him like a seductive drug that if tried once would surely become a dangerous addiction."

It is Kayden who discovered Ella injured in an alley. And yet, it is truly unknown how or why this man has rooted himself to her side. Only one thing is certain, he is not letting her go. Ella faces a combination of fear and attraction for Kayden. Although she questions her own sanity, she feels secure when she is with him. It is evident that Ella is involved in some suspicious activity. In order to avoid the law and the men that injured her, Kayden takes Ella home with him. His castle offers a reprieve to the madness pounding in Ella's head!

"I don't want to be an obligation."-Ella

"I don't do obligation, sweetheart."-Kayden


"Deceit. Danger."


"Run. Keep running."

While Kayden wants nothing more than to protect Ella, Ella remains uncertain of her past, her present, and therefore her future! As flashbacks begin to slam down on her, she begins to put the pieces of her life back together. However blurry the pieces are, she begins to trust Kayden and the security of his power! 


"They keep the past we don't want to forget alive and they remind me of all the reasons I'm bad for you."-Kayden

Kayden is the leader of The Underground. The Underground serves as a rogue brotherhood who live on the edge. Skating in the grey of right and wrong, they have the attention of the law and some other dangerous mafia men. Kayden's wealth and power make him a target for all of them! Kayden and Ella have numerous demons vying for their attention. As the two navigate the murky waters of the unknown, their attraction for one another overcomes everything. Trust is built between the two and the blend of passion, action, and intrigue continues to intensify. 


"I don't know what this man does to me, but it's undeniably intense. Inhaling, I face him, my eyes meet his, and the air charges, the possibilities between us a live wire that both entices and confuses me."


"Let me choose my own sins."

Told in Ella's POV, Denial is an erotic trip down the rabbit hole. The plot is well developed and the tempo is consistently smooth throughout the entire read. The connection between Kayden is Ella is instant and yet, considering the circumstances, it was completely genuine and natural! The secondary characters enhance the plot nicely as the business of The Underground plays a pivotal roll in the driving force of the story. The unknown factor is the most significant presence in this read. Who is the man that hurt Ella? Does Kayden know more than he is admitting? Is Ella really as safe as she thinks she is? 

"A need for revenge is rarely logical, but too often it feels like the salve that will heal the wound."


"We're both destined to live with the consequences that may follow."

As to be expected in a suspenseful read, Denial ends in a cliffy! I can't say it was horrible because I expected it all along. There are too many questions left to be answered. I look forward to more character development with Kayden. I have no doubt that everything left unsaid will be spoken in the upcoming books in the series! As for the ending, it only makes me more convinced that this is a series I want to invest in. 


"He is real, the wolf who doesn't bother with the sheep's clothing."

Denial is by far a winning read for Suspense Romance lovers. There is a slight accent of what I like to call "BDSM LIGHT" (so take note my more adventurous friends). 

"I will lick you. Bite you. Pinch you. Spank you."

The rich writing, underlying suspense, and sexual undertones coursing throughout the read made this book a must read! I will be anxiously awaiting the next book in the series and I look forward to checking out more from this author!

"My shaky hand unzips my purse and closes around my gun. It's my friend. I'm not sure who else is."



***Careless Whispers Series***

Denial (Careless Whispers, #1) by Lisa Renee Jones

~ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review!~



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