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Elizabeth's Review~ A Perfect Ruin~ Nashoda Rose~ Contemporary Romance




"You'll never be able to leave me, London."- Kai

Perfect Ruin is the second book in the splendidly constructed, action packed, high suspense Unyielding Series. Although you can read Perfect Ruin as a stand alone, it is best to read it's predecessor Perfect Chaos first. However, don't let that hold you back from meeting one of the most dynamic heroes I have ever met and his name is KAI!
"As a child, I'd been kept waiting for food, for sleep for the pain to end. I'd learned that time was better off being nonexistent."

Kai was raised to be a cold blooded killer. As a child of Vault (and his board), Kai was trained to not care about anyone or anything. His only job was to kill. He was to follow orders and remain loyal to the cause.

"Vault. A secret government that didn't follow laws, but had laws of its own." 

However, when Kai was assigned to track and follow a young woman named London everything changes!

"There'd been a glitch in that way of thinking....London. 
Time suddenly mattered and that fucked with me."


London is the daughter of the scientist working for Vault and his Board. Dr. Westbrook has been a good father and yet, due to his interactions with Vault, London has become a target. At first, Kai remains at a safe distance from her. However, when her father's work begins to becomes imperative to the success of Vault's mission, Dr. Westbrook and London's lives hang in the balance.

London is completely clueless to her father's connections. When she fears his life is in danger, she makes an arrangement with Kai in order to keep her father safe. Kai is like a tsunami and London can do nothing but drown in him! They spend a week together. It is raw. It is ruthless. It is beautiful! Both are unsure of what will happen next. (Kai is a killer after all and London is just a normal girl!) 

"Regardless of the threat he conveyed, he appeared completely relaxed, as if he were caressing a kitten and not a deadly weapon."-London

Kai is cold and deadly. His knife is an extension of him and he certainly knows how to use it. And yet, somehow, London is able to crack through the ice and embed herself into his heart. While Kai and London are together, she faces a continuos internal battle between fear and attraction.


"A man I knew was dangerous. A man who I had no misconceptions had killed another human being at some point. But was also the man who saved me. I'd dreamed about holding me in his arms."-London

The sexual chemistry between Kai and London is sensational. His cold and hard exterior paired with London's kind and tender spirit truly made for an unforgettable journey to behold.

"He moved in and I gasped when his cock slid back and forth. He kept one hand on my neck, a firm grip with strands of my hair wrapped around his hand. 

"I'm going to fuck you. And I want to hear you scream."-Kai

Kai and London. 


"I thought if I had her, tasted her, fucked her, then my constant need would finally be sated and I could forget her. It didn't. My need strengthened. Insatiable. And it was dangerous."-Kai 

London and Kai. 


Once again, Nashoda has constructed perfection with complex characters, rich storytelling, and intense physical connections that transfer beyond the pages. Told in dual POV, Perfect Ruinspans a few years of time in which the characters must face heartbreak, torture, pain, and immense pleasure! If you like the adrenaline rush of an action packed read but crave romance, look no further! I could not be more pleased with the growth in this series and with the ending of Perfect Ruin I can only say, Connor, I AM READY!

"I never thought I'd love so fiercely that it ruined me. Kai ruined me. For other men. For life without him. I'd hated him. Feared him. Desired him. Needed him. And loved him."-London 
Overall, Perfect Ruin transcends the five star rating for me. I enjoyed every second spent with these characters. I smiled, laughed, swooned, and yes...I even cried! Utter perfection! When it comes to Nashoda's writing, I don't just love it. I crave it. I simply cannot get enough! 

***Unyielding Series***
Perfect Chaos (Unyielding, #1) by Nashoda RosePerfect Ruin (Unyielding, #2) by Nashoda Rose

BR with my girl LOYDA!!! 


~ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review!~


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