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Elizabeth's Review~ Out of Plans~ Stylo Fantome~ Contemporary Action/Romance


★4.5 Action Packed Stars★


"Kingsley Law: What you want and what you need are often two very different things, darling. Learn the difference and remember it.-Kingsley"

Out of Plans is the action packed second book in The Mercenaries Series. At the conclusion of Best Laid Plans, Marc left Lily with a note and Lily formulated a plan to continue her quest for vengeance! Can she really move forward without Marc by her side?


"Kingsley Law was a devastatingly handsome man. A quick wit and a sharp smile. Trim physique, and always dressed in stylish suits."

Lily doesn't waste any time jumping back into the action. She runs to Kingsley where she receives training, friendship, and even love! With a backpack full of supplies and a plethora of "Kingsley's Laws" in her bank of tricks, she takes off to achieve vengeance. 

"Whatever it takes. You train me, and I'll help you in anyway you want, with anything."-Lily

Unbeknownst to Lily, Marc has also been on "the quest". Although he had hoped Lily would return to a "quiet life", in his heart he is hurting over giving her up. When Lily and Marc intercept, the passion and fury between the two is reignited! 


"Leaving her had been hard enough. But he'd done it for a reason, It meant something. By getting vengeance for her, he was making leaving her worthwhile."

Marc and Lily must come to terms with the mission and their relationship. Only one thing is certain between the two, physical action is the only "love language" they speak fluently to each other. If they aren't punching, biting, and kicking each other, they are happy to pin the other down for a raw and passionate "romp" in the jungle! 


"Her mind had registered the length of time since he'd left her, but her body didn't notice it at all. It recognized his touch as if they'd been together just the day before; like no time had passed."


"Kingsley's Law: Few things can ruin your plans quite like anger. Love, fear, sadness, all can motivate, but anger? Anger will fuck things right up."

As Marc comes to terms with the mistakes he has made, Lily reasserts herself as a strong force to be reckoned with. Kingslsey's presence only adds fuel to the fire. Marc is quite jealous of the friendship between Lily and the Brit and Kingsley is quite happy to exacerbate the situation at every opportunity known to man! However, the love between Marc and Lily is undeniable. Although it takes the two a rather long time to acknowledge it, it is a very active part of the story and drives the plot with meticulous precision! 

"That would explain why you're so tense, sweetheart. Like a guitar string, your body is begging me to pluck out a tune."


"It was a tidal wave, something she couldn't stop, something that was swallowing her whole."

"You and I? We make the best "big mistakes" ever."-Marc

Told in multiple POV, Out of Plans offers an action packed romance full of intrigue, suspense, and mystery. The characters are well developed and the dynamics between them keep you engaged with every page turn. Although it is evident that Marc and Lily are the prominent characters in the series, Kingsley plays a valuable role in the plot and adds an alternate plot line in which I am hoping Stylo will continue to explore! The pacing in the story was well matched with the first read and the story arc was well planned and executed brilliantly! The combination of the witty dialogue and passionate physical connection between Lily and Marc kept me engaged the entire read! 

"Only porn stars and people fresh out of prison had sex like that."


"She and Kingsley were partners, for sure. But she and Marc...they were something else, and that something involved sharing a bed."


"We weren't done six months ago. We won't be done tomorrow."-Marc


Overall, Out of Plans is another winning read for action/romance lovers! Personally, I have discovered through this series (and some other recent reads) that this is by far my favorite type of read to indulge in. I am a huge fan of Stylo Fantome's work! She has an easy writing style that flows naturally through each page. Her combination of strong heroines and "sexy alpha males" will always keep me coming back for more! I simply cannot get enough! This is another MUST READ NOW series to devour and enjoy! 

"Kingsley's Law: Work with what you've got, and make it count."

***The Mercenaries Series***

Best Laid Plans (The Mercenaries, #1) by Stylo FantomeOut of Plans (The Mercenaries, #2) by Stylo Fantome
★BR with CC, MER, WAR, and LOYDA! description

★ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!★


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