Saturday, November 8, 2014

CAMI'S REVIEW ~ DUSTY DELINQUENTS by Mary Elizabeth and Sarah Elizabeth

Dusty Delinquents is just as impressive as Dusty Innocents was for me! This is not a hearts and rainbows story, this is a story of two kids falling hopelessly in love while addiction and dependence turn their love into crazy love. 

While I rooted for them as a couple I still wanted Bliss to gain control and either help Dusty get his habit under control or show him how strong she was and leave him. Yes I know I'm contradicting myself but that's what this book does to you! 

A little FYI.... I read this while in Vegas for the book signing and even though there were entertainers and slot machines galore, I couldn't wait to get back and read more each evening, In fact I didn't even care about the gambling or shows. This was my show!!!

Your heart will bleed right along with Bliss as she maneuvers her way through Dusty's addiction and their dependence on one another. 

Not sure how I felt about the ending. Even though I needed that happy ending, I still felt that their ending is yours to conclude, which I also enjoyed. With that being said I would still like to see
more from this couple....(hint hint). ;) 

Their train wreck of a relationship and connection is so entrancing to read about and quite simply, a match made in Heaven.

5 'Crazie' good Stars and one of my favorite stories! ~Cami