Monday, May 18, 2015

KIM'S REVIEW~BREAKING NOAH by Ashley Suzanne and Missy Johnson

Anyone who loves teacher/student romance books, this one is for you.  Anyone who knows me, you know I'm all over these books. When I was offered and ARC for BREAKING NOAH, you can bet your sweet cheeks that I jumped at the chance.

Ashley Suzanne and Missy Johnson did a great job co-writing this book.  I could not tell the difference in their writing style...It flowed effortlessly.  

"What happens when you start falling for your worst enemy?"

Zara had her life pretty much figured out until the day her cousin died.  Everything changed for her from that day on.  Revenge is what she had in mind and nothing or no one was going to stop her.

In order for Zara's plan to work, she has to transfer to the college of the professor that she blames for her cousin's death, enroll in his class, and start her process of revenge.  Zara is determined to make him pay.  She is determined to "Break Noah."

"First I’ll seduce him. Then I’ll ruin him."

What Zara was not prepared for was the twist in her plan once her recorded evidence falls in the wrong person's hands. This course of action causes a downward spiral in her plan for revenge.  She also wasn't prepared for her heart to overtake her head.  Was she falling for the man that she set out to destroy?

Will Zara follow her heart or will she listen to her conscience???  

This story has many twists and turns...some I predicted and some that caught me off guard...& that I loved...but I needed more!

I must honestly say that I did not like Zara.  I didn't feel a connection with her...but NOAH...I connected 100%.  I connected with him right from the start. I just wanted to yell at Zara and shake some sense into times I just wanted to rip her hair out!!! Ugh!!

I definitely recommend this book...I just needed more.  I love Ashley Suzanne and I love her passion for writing.  You will not be disappointed in this book. Read it now!!!

If you're looking for a story of revenge, betrayal, heartbreak, and then eventually love, then this is the story for you!!!

I give Breaking Noah 4 Crazie Stars!!! ~Kim

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