Saturday, January 11, 2014

KIM'S REVIEW ~ RAW by Belle Aurora

WHERE IN THE HECK DO I START??? It has taken me a few days to be able to even write this review. I'm on a MAJOR BOOK HANGOVER!! BELLE are a FREAKING GENIUS!! 

This book was RAW...GRITTY...DIRTY...HOLY had TWITCH!!!  At first, I was positive that I DID NOT LIKE TWITCH!!!  But, something feelings changed. Getting his POV helped tremendously. I had a love/hate relationship with him. I so wanted to not like him...but I DID...and I liked him HARD. 

“Monsters don’t always lurk in the shadows.” Reaching up, he runs a fingertip slowly down the length of my jaw. Leaning forward, his breath warms me as he mutters a hairs-breadth away from my lips. “Sometimes they hide in plain sight.”

One night, when Lexie was a child, she helped a neighbor boy after his father had abused him. She never saw this boy again but she always wondered and worried about him. He helped in her decision to become a social worker. Lexie moved to Sydney, Australia, with her foster mom(whom she adored) after a sad upbringing and has worked as a social worker for abused children ever since.

"Some things in life are so sad that there are no words to describe the amount of sadness, grief, and sorrow a person is feeling. I assume this is why God allowed humans the simple act of crying. When a person cries, they feel the sadness slowly ease out of them. They feel as though they are justifiably respecting a person that has died through showing their grief. They allow a moment of sorrow to overcome them and cry out a small portion of their unseen pain." 

Lexi has a stalker but for some reason it doesn't bother her. Whether she is getting in her car, at the park or at her favorite cafe... HE is always there and this sort of excites her... & She tells no one! He has never approached her and she has never truly seen his face...just his hoodie. 

One night on her way home, Lexi is attacked in her apartment complex parking lot by a man. He is about to rape her...but she is rescued... by her one and only...STALKER. Lexi knows that she should be scared of him but she is not...she actually feels safe.

“What’s your name?” 
“Doesn’t matter. You’ll forget it once I’m gone.”
“No, I won’t.”

The name is TWITCH. Twitch is messed up...He has major issues. He had a horrible childhood but he never let that stop him. He had never seen the good in the world except for once and that left him majorly messed up... His big motivator!!! He used that to get him where he is today!! He is a self made man...owning his own company & living the life of luxury!! He was out for payback and that payback comes with consequences. Consequences he was not ready to face!! & boy did he face them...he was hook, line and sinker. There was no going back now no matter how hard he wanted to.

“Sometimes good people have to do bad things. It’s nothing personal. It’s just life."

Lexi falls in love with her stalker and he introduces her to a world she never thought she would be a part of. Hell, I fell in love with her stalker...sounds crazy to even say...Twitch does something to you that you know is know it's CRAZY but you can't help yourself...I don't blame Lexi for falling for him...he's bad news...he is... but he's deliciously bad!!!

“He is lodged in my subconscious. The star of my dreams. Which is ridiculous. I know.”

I could go on & on but I'm not going to. I don't want to give anything away. This book is AMAZINGLY written. Belle Aurora is a FREAKING GENIUS...I know I said that earlier but I had to say it again!!! I know this book is considered "dark" but it's not really dark... I'TS GRAY...IT'S AWESOME...Yes, Lexi is the light and Twitch is the dark..which makes it PERFECTION!!!! IT'S RAW..IT'S GRITTY...IT'S AMAZINGLY WRITTEN...Well done, Bella Aurora!!! You ROCKED IT!!!

I give RAW 5 Crazie Stars!!! ~Kim

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