Sunday, January 26, 2014


I was privileged to receive an ARC of FINDING ME.  I have been anxiously awaiting for this one after S.K. Hartley left me wanting more after book one. I was instantly hooked once I started reading this series.  Logan is one of those characters that leaves you thinking about him for days after you're are finished reading.  I connected with Logan... I felt every emotion he felt.  The mother in me wanted to go to hold & comfort him for as long as he needed.

Finding Me starts off where book one left off.  Neva finds herself in one hell of  a situation.  A situation where she is left wondering WHAT THE HELL, ANGEL.  My heart broke for her. But, I must say that I did feel for Angel a little bit...but only a little. & learning a little about Angel's childhood & what he endured...My heart hurt for him. But, with that said... I just felt like he was a grown ass man so it's time to put the BIG BOY pants on!!! & His father was a SICK FREAK...a SICK FREAK INDEED!!

Ahhh, Logan.  My beautiful Logan...  He touched my heart so deep he melted me.  I know that some will think that Logan was NOT the strong/alpha character that he was in book one... BUT, I have to disagree.  What he went through for the LOVE OF HIS LIFE was a sacrifice that most men or women would NOT go through.  The pain and sadness that HE felt...DANG IT...I felt it!! He wanted Neva to heal on her own & to learn how to come to terms with her past and present.  It took everything he had to stay away.  He suffered a lot and I admired him more for that & for what he sacrificed.  He took a chance on losing his ONE & ONLY LOVE so she could heal & grow.  To me...THAT'S A STRONG STRONG MAN...A REAL MAN!!!

I loved Neva's character & at times, she made me want to pull my hair out. But, I understand. I do. I didn't agree with her choice in book one but she redeemed herself in my eyes. It took her having to heal on her own without having the comfort & love of Logan that she had always depended on to heal & move on. This made her stronger & able to overcome what had tormented her & gave her the ability to offer forgiveness for what life had dealt her.

I have to mention my love for TATE & LOW.  I love these two together and I love how they are so protective of the one's they love.  It was very touching & EVERYONE needs friends like those two.  Low has that feistiness that screams out to you!!! & Tate...oh sweet Tate!!! Love him!!! Can't wait for their story in book #3!!!

I highly recommend this series. You will connect & fall in love with these characters.  FINDING ME is filled with a lot of emotions...Angst, sadness, forgiveness & lastly...LOVE!! 

I give FINDING ME 5 Crazie Stars!!! ~Kim

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