Tuesday, June 24, 2014


"I'm loud, I'm proud and I like to bust balls in my spare time."

OMG! Willow Knox is my new fictional girl crush!

After finishing Finding Me I was SO pumped to figure out WTH was going on with Low and Tate!
For six long years, Low has been harboring a secret. Running from her past and lying to her closest friends and boyfriend Tate.
Now she has to choose to once again run, or stay and face the dangers (and I mean DANGERS) from her past. 

Willow is so badass, and with an attitude to match! She also possesses the skills to back up that attitude when fate and family come knocking.
Tate......hot, sexy, alpha Tate. He is so caring and patient. His love, devotion, and the lengths he goes to for Low are just.....ahhhhh!! 

I will say, that I had to ask myself how on earth Tate was not jealous of Low's friendship with Ace?! Dear god that man is HOT!! I swear, if I had a friend as hot as Ace, my boyfriend( hypothetically speaking of course since I'm married, lol ) would have to be jealous!

But rest assured ladies, Tate makes it known that Low is his woman and his alone! (Swoon) Gotta love those alpha males!

Like in my previous reviews of the Bad Boy series I am not posting any spoilers in the review. I can't do it!! S.K's books have so many surprises in them and keep you guessing until the very end!

Now, even though this can be read as a standalone I still HIGHLY recommend that you read the first two books in the series so you can get to know a little about Low and Tate, but mainly because they're just so damn good!

Without a doubt, I give Finding Us 5 "Crazie" good Stars!!!! 

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