Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Faithful by Louise Bay 4 "Crazie" good Stars!! 

What a great debut novel by author Louise Bay!

Leah Thompson has it all, a wealthy boyfriend that just proposed, a good job and great friends. So why is she feeling less than thrilled and looking up an old crush online? Not expecting more than a few harmless messages between friends Leah is surprised when Daniel responds flirtatiously. She soon finds herself looking forward to the messages more than she should and Daniel makes it clear he is interested in being more than just friends. Suddenly Leah has a fiancé showing no love and an old crush hot on her tail. Now this is where the fun begins!! Daniel Armatage is one hot, persistent piece of eye candy! Towards the beginning I quickly found myself asking "Charlie who?"

There is so much more to this story than meets the eye. Ol Charlie boy isn't exactly the type of guy he leads you to believe he is. Then throw into the mix Leah's friends and the new 'friendship' with Daniel. Yikes! It makes for a VERY interesting read with loads of hot and heart melting moments! Daniel is definitely my type of guy! Possessive and caring all wrapped up in one big sexy package! I did find the ending a bit rushed. But this is one book I would without a doubt recommend because once Daniel gets in your system he's a hard one to let go! I anxiously await Ms. Bay's next book Hopeful!!

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