Saturday, June 15, 2013


Emerge is going on my top 5 reads of the year!! If you enjoy the NA genre, this is one of the best ones out there! Once I started reading this story I was hooked! 

Emerge is Laney Walker's story; an 18 yr old quick witted, athletic, southern girl who lets few get too close and uses her sarcastic zingers to deflect most situations. Laney grew up without her mom, but has an amazing father who has always been there for her. She is your typical girl next door, confident on the outside, but seems to still struggle internally. 

Meet Evan Allen. Evan has been Laney's best friend since they were 10 yrs old and he decided it was his job to protect Laney. Evan is Laney's rock, her Mr. Grain of Salt.

Evan has always hidden his love for Laney and decides to tell her. But when Laney doesn't get accepted to the same college as Evan, their new found love is cut short. Laney is devastated as she heads to Southern college, while her best friend Kaitlyn and Evan head to UGA. But Evan professes his never ending love for Laney will not falter while they are apart. 

Enter Dane Kendrick. WOWZA!!!! One of the new faces she meets while in her new co-ed dorms. The attraction they both feel is immediate and intense! But Dane is not as forthcoming about his past as Laney would like. Not to mention she is still heartbroken about losing her best friend/ boyfriend Evan. But Dane awakens something new and unexpected in her she never new exsisted. This is where things get complicated. Is Evan her first and true love, or is the intense connection she feels for Dane a once in a lifetime kind of love? 

I absolutely devoured this story! By the middle of the book I was so torn between Evan and Dane I wanted to cry! I love the way the author used everyones POV's. It always helps to see where everyone is coming from, before I decide who I'm really rooting for! 
Did Laney's naitivity drive me nuts sometimes? YES!!! 
Did I want to pull my hair out at Dane's aloofness? YES!! But those are the things that create the drama. Crazy kids! ;) The rest of "The Crew" will have you laughing out loud with their witty banter!! 

This is Laney's coming of age journey...starting at a new college, with a new softball team and a quirky roommate. 
A tale of friendship, loyalty, first love, primal love 

This is not a cliffhanger ending, but there will be more books in the series. This is a MUST read, so be sure to add it to your bookshelf!! I would rate this book 5 FANTASTIC STARS!���������� ~Cami

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  1. Such a good book. I disagree about the cliffhanger ending. It definitely leaves you looking forward to book 2. If you like heartbreaking love triangles, you'll enjoy this book.