Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Sometimes in a sequel book I tend to become bored with the main characters after they have finally gotten together. The chase is over, yes there may be other contributing factors, but you just lose that initial tingly feeling in the pit of your stomach every time they come together. I can honestly say, that is NOT the case in this book!!!

Sam and Mason are now together and Mason wants everyone to know it.
Although we don't see the "I don't give a shit"attitude from Sam in this book as much as we did in FCH, she dealing with a lot of issues with her mother. And starting to have memories of things that happened when she was little. This explains why she is the way she is. And why she has the itching need to go for a run and why she is also scared of her " bat shit CRAZY" mother.

Mason of course continues to be her rock. Along with Logan who is also there to help protect her from her mother. But when mommy dearest issues an ultimatum, the three of them are torn apart. However, being torn apart only strengthens their bond. We also get to see a "softer" side to Mason. (Hence the "smiling" Mason below) ;)

Much to Mason's suggesting, Sam decides to register at Fallen Crest Public and join the track team. She also meets a new friend she didn't realize she needed when she takes a waitressing job at a local diner/bar. But after meeting Heather and finding out she also attends FCP, she knows that she will need as many friends as she can get, especially,if she's going to attend school there as Mason Kade's girlfriend. Can I just say,I absolutely LOVE Heather?! I love her banter and witty remarks to Logan. Heather's feistiness will also come in handy when trying to help Sam with the "Elite" girls later on.

Mason is now more than ever had over heels in love with Sam and will do whatever it takes to protect her. Logan is still up to his antics, but also fiercely protective over Sam and loyal to his brother. And now Nate has returned. Although, Nate and Logan are not always seeing eye to eye, the fearsome foursome are together and seem to be unstoppable.

But just when you think all is well that ends well. Think again!!
A blast from the past walks in and threatens to tear apart everything Mason has tried so hard to put back together. I'm also not completely trusting of Nate yet. I am fiercely protective of my Logan and I don't care for the way Nate's been treating him! :p

The ending is not a cliffy, more like a continuation of the story. This series could go on and on and on and I would read it and devour it like I did the very first one!! I look forward to continuing with the gang when Fallen Crest Public is released.

Fallen Crest Family gets 5 BIG "Crazie" stars!!!!!! ~Cami

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