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Series: The Black Wolf is the 5th book of “In The Company of Killers series”
This series MUST be read in order.
Type: The Best Romantic Thriller/Suspense Series
POV: Multiple

“I do whatever I want…because I’m my own person. And I’ll fight for whatever I need to make me whole. Whoever I need to make me whole.” Niklas

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Niklas Fleischer , was born in the Order the same as his brother Victor but he knew he didn’t want that life; He did not want to be an assassin, he wanted to be “FREE” and not have to respond to anyone. At an early age he wanted to leave and escape but the love for his brother was much stronger, so much that he knew he couldn’t leave without him so he decided to stay and prove that he could become strong and good as his brother. He was the only family he had, Victor had killed his father to protect him.

“Victor was a natural, a machine, he took to everything as innately as an infant learning to crawl….I knew I would never be as good as Victor no matter how hard I tried,” Niklas

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Niklas can’t forgive his brother from murdering the love of his life; a woman he had fallen in love with on an assignment. He felt betrayed by his own brother who he always trusted and thought he would never do anything to hurt him. He was hurt and I hurt so much for him. He covered under a hard mask, a bad boy who fuck and smoke and didn’t care shit what people thought about him but beneath it all he was amazing. I loved Niklas since the beginning of the series but this book just sealed the deal for me. 

“I believed him when he told me that night that he’d never do anything to cause me harm. I believed him with my whole life and my whole heart and my whole goddamned soul.” Niklas

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This book focuses mainly on Niklas; however so many things happen as usual this author brings out so many twist and turns had me thinking about my sanity by the time I was done and wanting more. Victor only trusts his brother to carry this assignment, no matter how hurt Niklas was about what he did; he knew that Niklas will risk his life to protect his love “Izabel”. Victor’s weakness has always been his brother and now it was Izabel the only way he will let her go is with Niklas at her side. 

“When I look at you, I see Niklas as that boy all over again, and I will not let you follow me into misery the way I let my brother….I know no other man with more loyalty and heart, than my brother” Victor

Victor sends Izabel and Nora; Two badass female assassins to find Niklas and ask to come with them on this assignment, he was the only one that could pull it off. The mission was to find Olivia Bram, she was abducted seven years ago; they needed to purchase her and send her back to the United States. Then they had to capture Francesca Moretti an evil, sadist woman who they knew took the girl and deliver her to Olivia’s father to deal with her in his own way. However, things did not worked as they planned so many things happened while they were in Italy my head was spinning. I was nervous, anxious; I was sad, mad it was just insane. 

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While Niklas, Izabel and Nora were on their mission;Victor Faust and Fredrik Gustavsson were dealing with other business in the order; They lived at Boston headquarters running an Underground assassination organization. Victor’s priority was to get Vonnegut; resolved things in his Order, how much can Nora be trusted?; makes sure Izabel ability to be a part of the Mexico mission; and find out if his brother is in or out. He sure was on top of everything and I’m in awe of him but I have the same questions or more by the time the book ended I have millions of questions. Dorian Flynn, well also part of the Order betrayed them. And what happened I did not see it coming and I was devastated at first but then after reading farther on the reasoning behind Victor’s decision I understood why he did things the way he did. He is so smart I love him I wish there was more of him on this book and Fredik but this was Niklas book and boy did I enjoyed it, no, I freaking loved every second of it.

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I loved everything about this book. How Niklas was a human after all, he just pretended he didn’t care but inside he cared a lot. I love how he freaking loved his brother no matter what, I know he resents him and who knows if he will ever forgive him but I know he loves him. I loved the relationship he had with Izabel and how he protected her and called her “Izzy”. The way he fucked “Nora” just to make a point and them both loved it. I cried so much for his pain, for his childhood, for the freedom he always wanted and for the love he never got. But overall I loved the fact that he was amazing on this book. A complete badass assassin, he took control and over the mission and I everything he did was amazing in my eyes. This book was everything I look for on a book and more. I want more and will be counting the days for the next book in the series. This is not a series with happy endings and sweet roses. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good romantic thriller full of action, suspense, surprises, and is not afraid of people dying.

“To be human means to always go with your heart. The moment you betray your heart is the moment you lose everything.” Victor

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“I choose you,…And I choose this life, Victor. And I’m not doing any of this because of you. It’s what I want.” Izabel

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