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KIM'S REVIEW~RUIN & RULE by Pepper Winters

Title: Ruin & Rule
Series: Series
Author: Pepper Winters
Release Date: July 7, 2015
My Rating:  4.5 Stars
POV: Dual(Mostly Cleo)

Ruin & Rule is a story of betrayal, retribution and everlasting love. A second chance love story. I was totally consumed by this book and couldn't wait to see where Pepper Winters would take us, and she delivered once again, another colossal read. 

Arthur "Kill" Killian is the president of the motorcycle club, Pure Corruption.  He's  a self-made billionaire due to his passion and intellect of numbers and equations. He's  powerful, dangerous, mysterious and sensual. He's an enigma that I wanted to solve. 

Cleo Price (Buttercup, Forgetful Girl, aka Sarah Jones)  is strong, decisive, resilient, and docile.  She has amnesia with no recollection of who she is or where she comes from, but she's determined to piece together the puzzle of her past life piece by piece.

Ruin & Rule starts off with Cleo waking up surrounded by a gang of motorcycle men and five other captured women. She's blindfolded with no memory and trying to figure out why she is in the predicament she is in. She knows without a doubt that her situation is detrimental.  

"I stared up, up into his bright eyes, understanding something I shouldn't understand. This was him. My nightmare."

"Kill" in the midst of a trade gone wrong, finds himself face to face with a ghost from his past. Or is she?? Her long red hair and green eyes paralyzes him. He can't believe what is standing before him and once the spell is broken, he becomes enraged. 

Everything inside me reeked with the need to reap vengeance. It was all I lived, all I ate, all I breathed. Until her. Until the imposter with green eyes. ~Kill

 Cleo is mesmerized by her kidnapper as well, and that feeling of familiarity is so vigorous that she becomes hypnotized by him and his intimate green eyes. It's as if she can see deep down into his soul. The connection to this stranger triggers a memory giving us our initial glimpse into their past.

"My life-past, present, and future--lost all purpose the second I stared into his soul."

This is an epic story about lost love and revenge. The only thing keeping Killian from remaining stagnant was his determination to make those who have wronged him pay.  He set out to seek vengeance and nothing or no one was going to stop him until the last one that wronged him was six feet under. 

Cleo and Killian are complex characters with a history of irrefutable love. And with each chapter, Pepper gives us snippets of Killian and Cleo's past along with flashbacks, allowing us glimpses into their backstory. Take the journey right along with them and experience their undeniable chemistry and heart-wrenching story. It's a journey you will want to take.

 I love Pepper's writing style and how effortlessly the story flows.  She reels you in and leaves you hanging until the very last word. She gives you dark, she gives you angst, and she gives you a love story that will capture your heart. 

Ruin & Rule is the first book in the Pure Corruption Series.

I give Ruin & Rule 4.5 Crazie Stars!! ~Kim

*ARC kindly provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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