Saturday, March 29, 2014


Love cannot even begin to describe how I feel about this book!! Play by Kylie Scott will be one I re-read over and over again! I am in serious love with MAL and only hope I can do this book justice with my review.

The witty banter had me laughing out loud and in all honesty, I might say I do...but I rarely LOL. 
Mal is one of those characters that comes to life, bounces off the pages and into your heart. He is that smart ass friend you would want on your side in a war of words and better yet he's also the life of the party! 

Anne is a doormat...(at first). She let's her friends use and abuse her. So when she meets Mal the famous drummer for Stage Dive at a party one night her mood is anything but receptive. But Mal decides he likes Anne and is going to make her his pretend girlfriend and new roommate. I swear the way he worms himself into situations is HILARIOUS!! 

Their 'fake' relationship involves his band members, her boss (that she's secretly in love with) and both of their families. I had F'ing butterflies throughout this entire book!! Honestly, I only get those with the BEST OF THE BEST books!!! This story is an absolute MUST READ!!! (And can also be read as a standalone) ;) 

5+++ 'Crazie' Stars Review! ~Cami

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