Sunday, April 6, 2014

KIM'S REVIEW ~ HIGHER by Author Zara Cox

Cami introduced me to this series and I'm so thankful she did.  I had been in a book slump when she recommended it to me.  Book slump no more and thank goodness the 2nd book was already out when I read the first one because I would have been drowning in my sorrows over the cliffhanger from High, the first book in this series, which I also loved.

The second book starts off  right where the first book left off.  It starts with Bethany returning to NYC after the "bomb" regarding Zach's past, had been dropped on her.  She is devastated and hurt and it doesn't matter that she has only known him for a few days.  I believe in love at first sight and I believe she does too now.


Zachary Savage is not going to give up on Bethany without a fight.  He is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her in his life.  He is limited on what he can discuss about what happened in his past and his hope is that Bethany cares enough about what they feel for one another to not give up.  He is not giving up and he is determined to NOT let her give up.  

"No matter how much you think you hate me right now, you’re still mine and I’m not letting you go. I never will. I’m telling you that right now so we’re both clear on the matter and there’s no room for misinterpretation. Nod if you understand what I’m saying to you.”

His past is the hold up with their relationship moving forward but Zach's hands are tied with what he can disclose to Bethany. He can't disclose any of this to her so she is trying her best to not think the worst.  She fights with everything in her to steer clear of him but her heart won't let her.  She knows deep down that the man she has gotten to know is no "SAVAGE."  Can she live without ever knowing what happened in his past...but, can she live with knowing?? 

"Peaches, it's only a matter of time before the whole world knows I'm nuts about you."

 Bethany knows deep down that Zachary Savage is no monster.  She knows this but her brain will not let up.  Once she decides to give it a go...there is no going back...and boy oh boy why would you ever want to go back.  

Zach knows that in order to keep Bethany that he needs to disclose some information about his past and once he starts seeing that she is not going anywhere, he allows her to ask him one question per day.  Seeing how she is opening up to him and seems to be trusting him more, he appears more relaxed.  He is still scared shitless that she may leave him once the secret is out, but he's willing to take that chance.  He will not live without her and he makes that known.

“You’re seriously deluded if you think that, baby. We’re not over. Not by a long shot.”

I really enjoyed watching Zach's and Bethany's characters develop. Even though they fell immediately for one another and couldn't get enough, we still got to experience the growth of their relationship and how they individually grew stronger. I truly felt their connection and was rooting hard for them.

I would have liked to have known more about Zach's mom and maybe seen some interaction with her. I would loved to have seen Zach interact with Bethany's parents especially when they went to brunch. I thought it was cute how her mom swooned over Zach...and who could blame her ;)

This book is a good read and I'm so glad it was recommended to me.

I give HIGHER 3.5 Crazie Stars!!!

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