Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Holy mother of angst!! 

I have always said my favorite part of the story is angst, well this entire book was one big ball of angst and I LOVED every single second of it!! 

The book spans over 20+ years (Yes it is a long, but it has 3 books in one!) and tells the story of Emmett and Donya.

Since the age of five Emmett and Donya have had a connection (or tether) that has always pulled them to one another. They can feel what the other is feeling. 
After noticing Donya's parents were not actively involved in her life, Emmett's family "adopts" Donya into theirs. She quickly becomes a part of their family and the friends to lovers story begins. 

One thing I adored was the unconditional love Fred and Sam had for Donya. Though she was not their biological child, she was in every single way one of their children. 

It did take me some time to connect to Donya. Even if she was mature and supposedly level headed for her age, it wasn't until near the last quarter of the book that I began to really like and understand her. 

Emmett on the other hand, I LOVED from the very beginning. Yes he did things that pissed me off but he always, ALWAYS was so caring, honest and genuine. 

This book will stick with me just as the previous LD Davis books have. The writing style is superb and the characters become a part of your everyday life. (I thought about them at work, while making dinner, helping with 5th grade homework ect...) 

This is a story of love, forgiveness, and second chances. You do not want to miss this truly beautiful story!! 

5 "Crazie" stars!! ~Cami

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