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WOW...JUST WOW!!! I do believe I have added another book boyfriend to my list. And from the way these characters drew me in, I'm thinking I'll be adding some more very very soon.  Megan Smith did an amazing job making us fall in love with these characters...Knox Mitchell jumped right out of my kindle...grabbed my heart and took off with it.


Jasmine Jennings grew up with controlling parents.  They have controlled her her entire life, deciding what she wore, what college she would attend and even what her major would be. She had access to all the money in the world but all that money did not make her happy.  Getting away from her controlling parents was the only thing going to make her happy. 

On the day of her college graduation, Jasmine 22,  gained access to her trust fund left to her by her grandfather. She ups and moves to NYC with her best friend, Summer, to get out from under her controlling parents.  From that day on, Jasmine Jennings lives by her own rules and cuts her parents out of her life for good.  

Jasmine and Summer become great friends with a sexy guy by the name of Rex Mitchell. & I must say I loved Rex...Summer and Rex hit it off and become more than just friends.  He introduces them to a new set of friends. Friends that I fell in love with...

So finally, Jasmine's life is looking up and she couldn't be happier...

Until...she meets him...Sexy, heart melting, Knox Mitchell, who happens to be Rex's brother.  Jasmine does everything she can to avoid Knox...but he seems to be everywhere she is, so avoiding him is not in the cards. way of avoiding that adonis...and who would want to.

“What do you want, Knox?” 
“Not happening.”
“Not yet.”
"Not ever.”

Knox Mitchell is a successful nightclub owner as well as other businesses.  He also happens to own the building that Jasmine and Summer live in.  Gah he is so dang sexy!!!

Knox's world was turned upside down about 5 years ago when he lost his entire world.  This devastated Knox and he didn't take it too kindly.  He decided then and there that he needed to look after his brother, but he also had vengeance running through his veins.  He then made a pact with himself...HE WOULD MAKE THEM PAY!!!

But, his plan for vengeance is taking a detour...Not a detour he wanted to take. He is yielding to his plan of payback because he wasn't expecting to be affected by one Jasmine Jennings.  Feelings he didn't want to feel.  The more he was around her the more he couldn't fight his desire and attraction to her.  Now what is he to do??? His plan of revenge is crumbling right before him.  

For 5 years, Knox has put his vengeance plan in motion. For five years, retaliation against the people responsible for his future being ripped away, and responsible for his life to crumble, has been what's kept him going...

Until her...

"I’m falling for her. I know it deep down inside."

"I want to fall for her, but I shouldn't." 

I deserve to be happy again, and I know she can make me feel that way."

"So once again, I give in and go after her."

"I want her."

"I need her."

"I have to have her."

Jasmine and Knox find themselves on an unexpected journey and an exploration of  feelings that were unexpected.  Neither one of them were looking for or expecting to fall in love. There wasn't a place for love in their lives. 

 Jasmine was loving and enjoying her freedom from her controlling parents.  The only thing she actually missed from her old life was her Nanny, Marie.  The only person who made her feel loved and cared for besides her best friend, Summer.

Knox was living in his own little bubble.  Just functioning in the world.  Taking care of his family and friends and his plan of  revenge on the people responsible for losing his entire world. 

Now that the tables have turned on Knox, and he has fallen in love with Jasmine...which was not in his plan...his plan was for her to fall for in love with him. Will he be able to tell her the truth without crushing her and losing her forever?  Or will their secrets destroy whatever hopes they have of  having a future together?

Megan Smith has gained a new fan.  I   was absolutely pulled into this book from the very beginning.  I finished reading FINDING US within a few hours. I'm feeling like there may be more to come from these two...I sure hope so.  I would love to have seen some actual interaction with Jasmine and her parents...especially her father.  
I'm also hoping to get to know more of the gang..especially Jeremy and Cade and sweet sweet Ava.  That little girl melted me ;)

 This book will not disappoint.  It was a great read for me.  

I give FINDING US 4.5 Crazie Stars ~KIM

*ARC provided in return for an honest review*

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