Friday, April 11, 2014

KIM'S REVIEW ~ LICK by Kylie Scott

I was beyond stoked when I came across this book and saw that it had such great reviews.  I absolutely love ROCKSTAR romance books.  Alpha Rockers are my favorite and I must throw in there that I love Kylie Scott...she rocks!!!

I was hooked from the very first page. The main character, Evelyn Thomas, wakes up with a major hangover, married to rock god, David Ferris, who is the lead guitarist to the notorious fan fav rock group, STAGE DIVE, and does the unthinkable...she pukes all over him.  AND...the best part is that she has no recollection of the marriage. NONE...She remembers nothing about that night.  It was supposed to be a night out in Vegas for her 21st birthday, with her best friend, Lauren...and what a night it turned out to be...

"So, congratulations. You're married to a rock star."

Evelyn, oh sweet Evelyn...I loved her.  She was a fantastic heroine and very likable...Not your whiney poor me type heroine.  Evelyn was strong willed and was not out for fame or money.  She was happily content working in the little coffee shop that she had worked at since she was fifteen.  She was independent and determined to make her own way. & I loved that about her. 

& oh did I mention that she is a country music fan...haha!!  She didn't even know who David Ferris was at first.  It took her going back home to Portland and the paparazzi pretty much attacking her at the airport to figure out what she was in for...and boy was she in for a ride she wasn't ready to go on.

David has become one of my favs that I must move up near the top of my favorite book boyfriends list...Holy hottness!! Not your typical rock god.  Not that he hasn't had his day of partying and living the rockstar life style...Oh yes, David has been there and done that.  He is ready to settle down and he want's Evelyn...he knew from the moment he saw her and spent time with her. Problem is...Evelyn doesn't remember that night at all and this hurts David.  Hurts him badly. 

  It was so important to David that Evelyn remember their night together. She had made him feel things he had never felt before and he wanted her to remember how she had felt that night too. He needed her to. God love him... 

David was 100% IN...Evelyn was NOT at first.  But watching them come together like they did and fall in love was epic in my opinion.  That doesn't happen a lot in books.  We read the same ol same ol over and over...It was nice for a change and to watch their love grow...I felt like I was right there with them and I was rooting and cheering them on.

"Love isn’t always smooth or straightforward. It can be messy and painful … Doesn’t mean it isn’t still the most incredible thing that can ever happen to you." 

I love how Kylie Scott got us invested with this relationship.  She had us fall in love with them as they fell in love with each other. Freaking brilliant I must say!!!

You can not pass this one up...HECK NO!! Get this book now and fall in love with David and Evelyn like I did...& like everyone else has done that has read it!!

& OMG..DID I MENTION MAL...Holy Crap..You will fall in love with him too.  His humor is off the charts and you get to meet him in PLAY, which is the 2nd book in this series..and let me just say...HE IS FREAKING AMAZING. David and Mal have ROCKED MY WORLD let me tell you...They're way off the charts...FREAKING AMAZING!!

I give LICK 5 Crazie Stars ~Kim

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