Tuesday, June 23, 2015

KIM'S REVIEW ~ INSIDER by Olivia Cunning

What girl doesn't love a rock star? 

Olivia Cunning's writing style is impeccable and she writes some of the best "rocker" books out there. Her characters are portrayed exactly how I envisioned a rock star's life to be.

Insider is the first book in the Exodus Series and is loaded with sexy, hot rock stars! It's the story of Logan and Toni, with a glimpse of Dare, Max, Steve, and Reagan. And even though Insider is centered around Logan and Toni, the other band members play key roles in the story. And I have to say, I.CAN.NOT.WAIT. for Dare's story. I love them all but Dare is my fav!!! 

My Dare!!

Logan Schmidt is the sexy bass guitarist in Exodus End. He's so carefree and just seems to love life. His jovial humor and good spirit is what makes your heart melt. But, one of his downfalls is that he jumps to conclusions and overreacts before getting the facts...therefore, causing him and others around him some serious grief. 

Toni Nichols is pristine, righteous, and naive.  Since the age of fifteen she has put her dreams on hold in order to raise her younger sister. But now, she's been privileged with the opportunity to travel with the members of Exodus End, where she will be creating a revolutionary interactive biography about the band.  She gets up close and personal with all four band members as well as Reagan, who has joined them for a few shows, due to Max having a wrist injury. 

The moment Logan sees Toni, he is smitten by her. She's awkward, shy, and obviously 'star struck' by all the band members...making Toni all the more attractive to Logan. At first, he doesn't really know what to think of being drawn to her, him being a ladies man and all. But the more he is around her, the more he wants to get to know her. 

Logan and Toni's story progresses rapidly, but it feels right because of their situation...being trapped on a bus with four hot rockers would do that. 

Their chemistry is obvious to everyone around them. Sparks fly and they both superficially play it off. But, mentally they know that what they're experiencing is more than just sexual attraction. 

But can Toni live in Logan's world? Will his lifestyle be too much for her?  And can you truly trust someone who knows your darkest secrets? 

Logan and Toni's journey is bumpy at times, but not as bumpy as I would have preferred. I crave angst, and with this being a rock star book, I was banking on it.  But overall I did love Insider.

Olivia Cunning is talented and her previous books have proven that.  She's top notch.  She's the queen of rock star romance and she gave us a new rock band to fall in love with...and I love every single one of them.  I definitely recommend starting this series and I look forward for what's to come.  Like I said earlier, she gives us some background story on the rest of the band and I can guarantee that each book is going to be epic!!!

I give Insider 4 Crazie Stars ~Kim

*ARC kindly provided by author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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