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5***Kick Ass Pistol Lips ~ Revenge ~ Stars

Series: Standalone Dark Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 9, 2015
POV: Multiple

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“You’ve ignited a flame inside of me, Pistol Lips….I will obliterate any motherfucker who lays a hand on you again. I’d kill for you.” Nick

Three year ago Nick Riley had almost been killed with a bullet to his skull and his family was killed in front of him. Ever since, he had never been the same. Now at twenty eight years of age, he is finally ready to put in place the revenge he had been planning for so long with the help of Alec. He had made a promise and he was going to keep it. He lived and survived for only one purpose “revenge”; to vengeance the deaths of his family. He knew who was responsible and he was going to make them all pay. 

Michael Culling was the Mayor of the City of Detroit, the most powerful man in the city. He was evil and basically had the entire city under his hands. Even Chief Cox was under him doing his dirty work. There was a gang “Seven Mile Crew” known as contract killers; they were responsible for the death of Nick Riley’s wife Lena and his 5 year old son Jay but it was Michael Culling who they received the orders from. Nick & Alec have a plan; to find and kill every man who was at the scene of the crime of his family and by taking Culling’s most precious love; his wife Aubree Culling. He kidnaps her and keeps her hostage until his vengeance is for field.

Aubree Culling was married to a sadist bastard, he was cruel and evil. She grew up with hardly any money but with a loving family. She liked helping others and was studying to help kids with special needs or that had been traumatized in some physical or mental way. As an art teacher, she was able to help them draw and try to create a better picture for all the ugliest in the world. She had been trying to run away from her psycho husband for five years, she was basically living in a cage in the form of Michael’s power. No matter how she tried she never succeeded. 

“Cage a bird that once felt the wind through its feathers and the world beneath is feet, and you’d find that insane glint of hope in its eyes that enticed it to escape every time the door swung open. Even if it could no longer fly, it’d never stop vying for its freedom, and neither would I.” Aubree

Nick Riley suffer from blackout because of the bullet hit to his head and the trauma he went thru. He lives with the memory of that horrible day that has been hunting him. The visions, dreams and memories of his wife and especially of his son broke my heart so much. I sobbed like a baby for all his pain, for the beautiful family he once had and now was gone. While he keeps Aubree as a prisoner, he was not expecting to have any feeling of any sort for the wife of his family’s killer. He was conflicted with wanting to kill her and feeling attracted to her. He discovers that she in fact was a victim of Michael and not part of the evil that was Michael. Oh I cried again for Aubree too, for her cruel and sad past and for everything Michael did to her. There were so many emotions going thru me while reading this book. I was excited, nervous, anxious, sad, and loved the chemistry that ended up developing between Nick and Aubree.

He takes care of her once he found out the truth about her past and who she really was. They both get close to each other. Aubree sees his pain and he sees hers and they both wanted to make each other better. Aubree has some fears to conquer but Nick managed to help her fight those fears. Nick has some demons himself but Aubree also managed to break thru them and accepts him as he is. They are both such a great strong survivors I loved everything about them.

“Every scar told a story, but it was the ones we didn’t want others to see that told a truth.” Nick

“Apart, we were nothing more than two broken halves, but together, our jagged edges fit perfectly, sealed into something whole again.” Aubree

Once both of them gave into the chemistry that is pulling them together; HOT smoking scenes made my heart beat so hard but for so many other reasons and I find myself loving every single moment of it. 

“Light exploded behind my eyes, rippling through my body like an aftershock. Blinding pleasure trailed it, coating my hot muscles trailed it, coating my hot muscles with a cook tingle that left me numb, weakened. I called out his name, and when he pulled out of me, his body shuddered, breaths broken by moans and curses.” Aubree

“She felt small and right, her curves pressed into my body in all the right places. Together, our bodies melded perfectly, like two halves of a whole. Paired with her words from moments ago, a realization struck me. We fit the only way two fucked up people could possibly fit together.” Nick

I loved Alec, he was such an amazing character. Even though he was not in the entire book I enjoyed him every time he showed up, he was perfect in my eyes. He was always keeping Nick in line and telling him what he needed to hear without bullshit. 

The events after Nick and Aubree finally decided they wanted to enjoy what they had while it lasted; had me so nervous, it was like watching an accident about to happen in slow motion but at the same time you have no idea how it will end. So many things the author brought up that had me speechless. I can’t tell you enough how much I loved this book. Ever since I saw Lana’s review a while back I knew I had to read this book no matter what and then I saw the cover and that sealed the deal; however nothing prepared me for this amazing experience. This story had me hooked on the edge of my bed from beginning to the end. It was an absolute page turner and emotional roller coaster ride. I went thru all the feelings you could possible feel, it was EPIC. Yes this book wasEPIC and everyone who loves a good action, suspense, erotic and dark book should defiantly read this. This was my first book by Keri Lake and I can tell you it will not be my last.

“I saw darkness in her beauty, and she saw beauty in my darkness.” Nick


“ARC kindly provided to me by author Keri Lake via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review, thank you so much Keri!” 

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