Monday, June 15, 2015


Shattered by You is the third book in the Tear Asunder Series and is Crisis and Haven's story. I am utterly blown away by this author. She has a way of making each book unique and with such depth that keeps you glued to your kindle.

Crisis and Haven's story is very emotional. The turmoil that Haven had endured in her short life and up until she was saved by Deck and his men, was absolutely horrific.  Their story is so compelling. It's a story of courage, love, and strength and I loved every minute of it.

Haven is Ream's twin sister, who unfortunately was dealt a tough hand in life. The gruesome past that she endured in the hands of monsters is quite disturbing.  The strength and courage that she portrays every single day is remarkable...even with the triggers that take her back in time...back to that god forsaking place where she couldn't fight the demons. 

"Because even though I escaped years of abuse, it didn't mean I was free."

Crisis is the sexy bass guitarist in Tear Asunder. He is witty, flirty, cocky, and loves lots of attention... especially from the ladies.  But since meeting Haven, Crisis has seemed to have given up his man-whoring ways.

 Haven has an episode where flashbacks from her past become so overwhelming that she finally breaks. Crisis is there to catch her and help pick up the shattered pieces. Little by little she starts to allow him in without even realizing. He is so carefree and genuinely a loving caring soul, that I honestly fell in love with him as Haven did.  I mean how could you not?

"Crisis was like breathing in fresh air. The beauty of him was that there were no lies. No mask. He said what everyone else was too polite or afraid to say."

The romance aspect of this book is prevalent throughout, but with slow escalation. It's not rushed and the timing is right on. We get to follow along on the journey with Crisis and Haven as they  fall in love. Crisis is always there to pick up the by one. One thing for sure is that he was there for every step of the way. 

I loved everything about this book and this series. I wasn't sure what to expect with Crisis and Haven's story, but it was everything I could have hoped for. I have enjoyed all three books so far from this series and I.CAN.NOT.WAIT. for Kite's story.  We really get a taste of Kite in Shattered by You, and let me just say, the small pieces of Kite's life that we get a glimpse of have me remarkably excited for book 4.

Shattered by You is a story about "surviving the pieces. It's about the strength found within the damaged. It's about love. Love found despite the jagged, tainted edges of who Haven had become." 

I definitely recommend this book...this entire series.  Exceptionally written.  I love this author and look forward to reading more from her.


*ARC kindly provided by author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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