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5***Beautiful Melting ICE Stars

 ”Crisis was like a leech that kept sucking the blood out of me, but it wasn’t blood, it was my coldness. It was as if he was the heater turned on high and I was the block of ice that was slowly melting“ Haven

This book takes place in the city of Toronto. Haven Dedrick, the twin sister of Ream which we met on book two of these series; was rescued from her captures and now was learning how to adjust and survive her new life. She has so many demons to fight after twelve years of being a slave to drugs and man using her. She hid at her brother’s farm for a while, protecting her shattered soul with coldness and emptiness. Her past made her hard and she learned to survive blocking the world around her. She wanted to do something with her life now and be normal. Learning how to drive and getting a job and going to school to get a degree was one of those things she wanted to do. Everyone helped her and didn’t pushed her even thought they knew she needed therapy but she refused to talk to anyone.

The only way she knew how to cope was by running; running helped her demons disappear only temporarily. The memories were so strong, the pain, the dark was so deep. I basically bawled my eyes off. She would have panic attacks but try to ignore them.

Vincent Wesson aka Crisis, the bass guitarist of the hit rock band Tear Asunder had a soft spot for Haven. He was the player, the one all the girls fantasize with but with her he felt different. Even though he was the flirt one, the man whore she knew he was also so Hot, Tatted Skin, muscles, blond curly hair, blue eyes and charismatic. He was a total rock star. However, he became friends with Haven. He wanted to help her, he saw her meltdowns and held her and wanted to be there for her. He made a deal with her that while they were on tour that they will text every single day. She felt blacked mailed because she knew if she didn’t agree with, he will tell her brother which she didn’t want to worry him more. In a way he did black mailed her but their innocent texting became so much more when he returned from tour.

”You will break. One day that cool exterior you’re hiding behind will shatter. It has to. It has nowhere to go. And when it does happen, I intend to be there to help you pick up the pieces.“ Crisis

He did everything in his power to break her ice and help her. He even went with her to a karaoke night that her friends invited them to. He made her sing with him and it was EPIC. I freaking loved it so much.
”I craved her attention. It was my drug. She was my drug and I wanted her to share with me the one thing I loved more than anything – music,….Our voices instantly entwined in perfect harmony and from the subtle eyes widening, I knew she was just surprised as me.” Crisis

He would show up at her school and sit with her in class, this entire friendly relationship was exactly what Haven needed and somewhere they both fell hard for each other; but she was afraid to open up to anyone until one day she broke. Freaked out so bad everyone panicked; that’s when she finally let him in and confessed her dark secrets and damn I was a bubbling mess again. And at the same time I loved Crisis so much. He was her rock he was always there and I loved him for that so freaking much. They finally gave into their chemistry and oh boy the waiting was so well worth it. Crisis completely made me melt for him. He was the best for her.

”There were no words as we both panted and stared at one another before our mouths crashed together. And it was a crash. It was teeth hitting, and noses getting in the way and lips crushed. “ Haven

There was drama with a "fan" that was obsessed with Crisis, so Ream her twin brother was not very happy at first about their relationship but he finally realized Crisis was perfect for her and he was helping her. There were other events that I was completely shocked and not expecting at all but made this story so much more perfect, the suspense of who was trying to hurt Haven and all the security and drama around was great. I loved this story so much. The author delivered beautifully, she gave us a love romance, with dark secrets, a suspense and angst plot, super funny scenes and most of all a beautiful healing and sweet ending.

”I was swimming in an ocean of black, unable to find my way back to shore. I didn’t know whether I’d sink to the bottom or if I’d have enough strength to read water until shore found its way to me. But I had a life jacket. I had Crisis. And if I sank to the bottom, I knew I’d lift back up – to him.”Haven

”Haven. You’re perfect. You’re my perfect. And I’m yours.“ Crisis


"ARC Kindly provided by Author via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much Nashoda" 

Book Series Order, However it can be read as a Standalone:

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