Saturday, June 20, 2015

KIM'S REVIEW ~ KING by T.M. Frazier

King, by T. M. Frazier, is the first book of a two-part series.  It's unique, dark, raw and sensual and is told in both King and Doe's POV. 

This is my first book by T. M. Frazier and it won't be my last. I was absolutely impressed with her writing style and her imagination. She keeps you engrossed by offering you characters that are complicated as well as bewitching. I positively can't wait for Tyrant, book #2.  

"They call me King."

Brantley King is an infamous career criminal and tattoo artist, recently released from a maximum security prison where he served a three year sentence. Growing up with an alcoholic mother and living life on the edge, consequently forced King into the dark world that he now resides.

King, and his partner in crime, Preppy, have been best friends since elementary school.  King took up for Preppy one afternoon while being bullied and have been inseparable ever since.  They started their own business from rock bottom and are now well respected in their criminal world.

Preppy(oh how I love him) throws King a welcoming home party, but King trying to adjust to life outside of prison, is NOT in the partying mood.  He engrosses himself by doing what he loves...inking tattoos. King is feeling out of  sorts until he comes face to face with a pair of blue eyes.

Homeless. Hungry. Desperate.

Doe is homeless with no recollection of her past or where she comes from. Her past is a mystery. She's been living on the streets for the past few months desperate for food and shelter. She befriends a prostitute/drug addict who tries to coerce her into believing that the only way to survive on the streets is to sell her body. 

"I am desperate and desperate people don't have the luxury of options."

Now at her lowest, Doe finds herself at King's party. This is where we are introduced to Bear(love him), King and Preppy's good friend, who also happens to be the V.P. of the Beach Bastards MC.  King and Preppy have been friends with Bear since he was fifteen years old and has tried for years to get King and Preppy to join the MC with no luck.  Bear is the first to meet Doe, and as a welcome home present he sends her up to King's room. Little did they know that this introduction was about to change King's and Doe's lives forever.

"I found myself again in the haunted eyes of a girl who was just as lost as I was. Or maybe, we didn't find each other at all. Maybe, we just decided to be lost together."

King takes Doe under his protection and the way he is feeling toward her is confusing and complex. He's possessive and likes control, and his battle between wanting to possess her or to let her go is taking a toll on him. She is the light in his darkness and his walls are starting to crumble.

"If you took the scary out of the equation, King was drop dead gorgeous. His eyes were so dark green they almost looked black. His lips were full and slightly pink. He was the most terrifyingly beautiful thing I'd ever laid eyes on."

I love the changes in King and Doe that we witness throughout the book.  Their chemistry is undeniable. Even though the attraction was immediate on both sides, I love how the author progressed at a steady pace and that there wasn't an instant love. Instant attraction...YES!!

"Stop being alive, and start living.”

"Why did you come back to me?"

"Because You're Mine."

Between the huge plot twists and shocking reveals, my emotions were all over the place. I did not put this book down until I was finished.  I loved the complexity of the characters as well as the simplicity. I fell in love with the secondary characters, Preppy and Bear. I would love to know more about Bear. Hopefully, we will get to know more about him in Tyrant...or maybe he'll get a book of his own. I sure hope so.

If you are a fan of dark romance and sexy alpha males, then I recommend you read King now. T.M. Frazier has a talent that is indisputable and I look forward to reading many more from her. I don't want to give too much away so I'm going to stop here. This is one of those books that you need to experience all on your own.

I give King 4.5 Crazie Stars!!! ~Kim

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