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Where do I even begin? It's been a few days since I finished Tempt My Heart by Danielle Jamie. I needed a few days to get my thoughts together before writing this review and as I'm sitting here beginning to write my review, I'm thinking I may need a few more days. 

Brittan McKenna's life was going great.  She was in college, engaged to the love of her life and high school sweetheart, Cane Allen.  Then the unthinkable happened...9/11 happened and Cane dropped out of college to enlist in the military.  He felt a need and desire to fight for his country and his loved ones. But on his second tour in Iraq, Cane was killed in the line of duty and Brittan's life was turned upside down...and her heart died along with Cane.

Tempt My Heart starts out in the present with Brittan McKenna trying to move on with her life after losing the love of her life, Cane Allen. She has used sex, drugs and Rock N' Roll to try and  numb her pain of losing him. It worked during the moment then the pain was right back...full force. 

Eight years after the death of Cane, Brittan meets Rocker/Guitarist, Jordan Valentine, from the band Tempting Tomorrow, who happens to be the opening act for her band, Beyond Redemption for their next tour.   

Jordan is the lead guitarist for Tempting Tomorrow and is known for his notorious "bad boy" ways...and who happens to love the ladies. Different women every night is just how Jordan likes it. No way is he ever settling down...


He meets sexy lead singer, Brittan McKenna of the famous rock group, Beyond Redemption. Jordan is immediately struck on Brittan.  The sexual connection between these two sky rocketed from their first encounter, throwing Brittan off kilter because she only had those kind of feelings once before and that was with her fiance, Cane.

Of course, Brittan fights those feelings and she can't figure out why she can't stop thinking about Jordan.  She tries sleeping with other guys because they're no emotions her it's just sex.  But when she starts visualizing Jordan instead of Cane, this throws her for a loop.  In her head this can't be happening...dang it...she loves Cane.  She can't be having those feelings for Jordan..hell no!! 

So what does she do??? She fights her feelings and that is when I wanted to scream at her and say it's time to move on...It's been eight freaking years...Cane would want you to move on...SO MOVE THE HECK ON!!!   Look at what is right in front of you...a freaking sex god.  Dark hair and piercing blue eyes...and he wants you...GET OVER YOURSELF and move on...Well, thats what I kept saying over and over to her in my head while reading this...Shew, thank goodness she came to her senses.  ;)

"I'm going to spend forever loving this beautiful wild rock chick who stole my heart one night four years ago on a dance floor." ~Jordan 

I need to stop here before I give too much away.  I definitely recommend reading this book.  It was a sweet sweet read.  You will shed a few tears let me tell you, but it's well worth it. It may be a good idea to have a box of kleenex handy..just sayin'!!

I give Tempt My Heart 5 Crazie Stars!!!

*ARC provided in return for an honest review*

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