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KIM'S REVIEW ~ SEVEN SONS by Lili St. Geramin

Confucius said, “Before embarking upon a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

I love to read  reviews from other people. So, when I saw that a certain reviewer that has similar taste as me had highly recommended this series, I was right on it...Thank you Kawehi Reviews!!

As soon as I read the synopsis of Seven Sons, I knew I had to read it.  I've been becoming a fan of MC books lately and this one was like WOAH!!! 

With her innocence stolen at the age of fifteen, skin branded, thought for dead and her father murdered, Juliette Portland sets out to seek revenge on the parties responsible.

"Today my name is Juliette Portland, but tomorrow I will wake up as someone else entirely. Someone who will bring Dornan Ross and the Gypsy Brothers Motorcycle Club to their knees."

 At the age of 21, Juliette, now known as Sammi, is out for blood and out for revenge against the Gypsy Brothers Motorcycle Club who are responsible for her father's death and her loss of innocence. 

Who the heck can blame her!!!

"I shed a tear because she is about to die, six years after she cheated death."

She goes under the knife to change her appearance and to remove the scars that once branded her.  

Sammi now finds herself in a situation that in order to seek redemption and raise havoc upon Dornan Ross and his seven sons, she has to live in hell all over again.

"What was born as fear and grief has long since blossomed into hatred and rage."

Sammi wasn't prepared for the liking that Dornan Ross took with her.  She went to him asking for a job and instead of a job, he want's her for himself.  He puts her up in the clubhouse which is exactly want she wanted, but at what price?  Is she willing to sleep with the enemy to seek out the ultimate revenge? Is she willing to live in hell to seek redemption?  

What Sammi wasn't expecting was to come face to face with Jace, Dornan's youngest son...her friend and first love.  Seeing him and being back in that strip club brings back memories of that horrific night where she was gang raped by his father and six brothers. Jace refused to participate that night before she blacked out so I'm assuming he did not rape her. Please god, I hope not!!!

"You remind me of a girl I used to know,” he says quietly, looking away."

Her plan is set in motion, she is now IN and has Dornan's complete attention. Carrying out her plan is not going to be easy and she knows it.  Not only does she have to sleep with Dornan so she doesn't blow her cover, she comes face to face with her mother who sold her out years ago for drugs.  No one recognizes her and they wouldn't because she is presumed dead and has had a complete total makeover with a body they can't resist.

Her plan is to take them out one by one.  Nothing is holding her back.  She is ready to strike and she is ready to strike now!!!


This novella is by no means a romantic least not at this point, being the  first book in the series.  It's down right raw and dirty.  There is a hint of a potential romance between Sammi and Jace or possibly between Sammi and Elliott, who happens to be the cop who saved her life.  And, I have to say I love them both!!!

"After the third time, he left. Because I was darkness, and he was sinking inside that darkness, and every time he tried to pull me out, I’d hold him under with me."

The first three years after her world was ripped apart, Elliott and Sammi became close...very close.  He fell in love with her but her demons from the past put a strain on their relationship and he knew there was nothing he could do to help her so he left. 

 Three years later she is back and there is definitely chemistry there.  I also feel the chemistry between her and Jase.  I'm hoping for a Sammi/Jase HEA but I'm also loving me some Elliott.  We'll just have to wait and see where Lili St. Geramin takes us.  A journey I'm so ready to take.

Seven Sons is a RAW...DIRTY...SUSPENSEFUL read that will keep you on the edge of your seat craving more. If you are looking for romance, this is not the book for you...if you are looking for downright raw an gritty...then this is the book for you.  I'm hoping the romance will come with the future novella's.

  I have to say that I'm a sucker for romance.  Bring me raw and grittiness with some hot romance and I'm totally on board. I read this novella so fast...Now I'm ready for more.

So, bring on Six Brothers and thank goodness it's already out.  I'm stoked to get started with the 2nd book in this series!!!  Yikes ;)

I give Seven Sons 4.5 Crazie Stars!!! ~Kim

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