Monday, May 19, 2014

KIM'S REVIEW ~ CARNAGE by Lesley Jones

I'm not sure what in the heck I just read.  WOW!! WOW!!

  Carnage captured my heart, soul and mind and refused to give it back.  This is NOT my typical type of love story but let me just say that this book consumed me this weekend.  I would have finished it much quicker than I did but my son had ballgames I had to attend.

If you are looking for a book that will keep your stomach in knots and rip your freaking heart out, then this is the book for you.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster ride...

I'm so freaking mad at Lesley Jones right now that my blood is boiling...but I'm also loving her at the same time.  Crazy I know, but she lured me in and held me captive for 2 days.  This book was all I could think about...then she ripped my freaking heart out of my chest.  I'm emotionally drained and the tears are still falling...but thank goodness I have today off or I'm not sure I would have made it into work. 

It starts off with Georgia Rae(Gia as Sean calls her) at the age of eleven  hanging on monkey bars in her back yard with her best girlfriend, Jimmie, and out walks her brothers best friend, Sean.  It's love at first sight for both Gia and Sean. Their lives will never be the same from this point on.  

"I was eleven years old, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt I was staring into the eyes of the boy I was going to love forever." ~ Gia

"Georgia Rae, I love ya, I've loved ya since the day I saw you hanging upside down on the monkey bars, flashing me your pink knickers, you were eleven years old and you stole my heart from my chest and the breath from my lungs." ~ Sean

Then they grow up...Still loving one another.

Sean and Gia's brothers are in the famous rock band, Carnage, and are loved by all, especially Sean, who is the lead singer of the band. This and other things puts a strain on their relationship and then obstacles namely "Whorely" stirs up more trouble for Sean, Gia and Marley.

"Darlin', do me a favour here, all you ladies in the crowd tonight have gotta appreciate the fact that I'm a one woman type of bloke and I love my girl; I've loved my girl since the very first day I set eyes on her and back then she was just a girl…but I've had the pleasure these past few years of watching her grow into an absolutely beautiful young woman and as much as I love touring and playing in front of you lot every night, I'm counting down the days till I'm back in England and in her arms." ~ Sean


So, due to interference from outside sources, Sean and Gia break up. Four long years and they both are still miserable...only existing. Until...Georgia meets Cameron King. 

Cameron King(Tall, Dark and Handsome) owns half of London and most of Essex and is known for being shady and dangerous. But Gia doesn't see that side of him.  She sees the loving/caring side and 
 she finally FEELS and this scares the shit out of her...she is not sure what to do with those feelings. 

 Gia has been numb for so long since her breakup with Sean, so feeling anything is a sign that things may be looking up for her.  He sparks a desire in her that she hasn't felt since Sean.  So in her mind she needs to stay away from him...but can she???

"Such an angry little kitten, with such sad eyes. Who hurt you Georgia? Who took the light out of those pretty blue eyes ehh?" ~Cam

Cameron truly falls for Gia and she falls for him but nothing compared to her love for Sean.  Her feelings for Cameron will never compare to her feelings for Sean.  Cameron knows that Sean holds the key to Gia's heart but holds on to hope that he can snatch at least a small portion. And if he can do that, then maybe he'll have a chance at winning her whole heart. 

"Cam, I really do like you but you need to know, you need to understand there's only him, it will always be him, there's no room for anyone else, wherever we go with this, you need to understand that my heart is sealed and there's only him that's locked inside."  ~Gia

"But you don't know me Georgia; you haven't had a chance to get to know me. If you let me, I will blow your mind baby." ~Cam

Gia, at some point, gets upset with Cam and she takes off to her bestie and brother's house...but guess who is there...Yes, I'm sure you guessed it.  The sexy rock star, Sean.  

Finally, after four years, Gia and Sean finally talk and they learn of other obstacles that kept them apart.  Gia is barely holding on now, can she handle the truth...Can Sean handle the truth???

"There's no one else, there never was, it's still only ever you and I will spend every minute of every day, loving you, worshiping you and doing my best to be who you deserve.  I love you Georgia Rae." ~Sean

The road they travel is a bumpy road and let me tell you that you will feel every emotion they feel.  You will will feel their love...and you will cry. You will ugly cry...I mean it...have a box or two of Kleenex ready because you are going to need them.

 If I don't stop here, I'm afraid I will give too much away.  This is a book that everyone MUST read...I know I'm going against what I normally love to read and I've sworn off these types of books before, but dang it...this one has left it's mark.  I'm afraid this book will stay with me for a while and I'm so glad I read it.  It's a second chance at love book...and I LOVE second chance romance books!!

I have to say that Lesley Jones is brilliant.  She truly is.  She has made me hate and love her at the same time. That's a gift.  I am still thinking of Carnage and the characters.  I truly loved them all with the exception of a few.  I'm not happy with the ending...dang it...not at all...but it was not my story to tell.  

Kudos to Lesley Jones...BRILLIANT INDEED!!! 

I give Carnage 5 Crazie Stars ~ Kim

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