Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ Breaking a Legend~ Sarah Robinson~ Contemporary Fighter Romance




"We are different together. I am yours. You are mine."-Rory

Breaking a Legend is the first of the Kavanagh Legends Series. The Kavanagh Clan is an Irish Family living in Woodlawn, New York where they own the Legends Training Gym. Each brother is uniquely passionate about their family and the women in their lives!


"We're a very accepting family. Unless you hurt one of us-then you should probably run and hide."

Rory Kavanagh is the oldest of the Irish clan. He is known for his success as a professional MMA Fighter. Rory was recently injured in a fight and has lost everything because of the injury to his leg. He is no longer able to do the only thing that he loves. Because of stress and depression, he has turned to drinking, women, and prescription drugs to fill the void that the loss of fighting has left.

Clare Ivers is new to the Woodlawn Community. She has made her way by tending bar at the local pub. When she meets the infamous Rory Kavanagh, there is an instant connection between the two. She is so taken with him, it takes a huge amount of willpower to remind herself to stay away. She did not move to New York for romance. However, when Clare decides to take a self defense class at the Legends Gym, she and Rory begin to see more of each other. It becomes evident that these two are meant to be.


"Clare, I'm swinging in the dark here. I've no clue what I'm doing. All I know is that this is different. I don't want to just have one night with you. I think I might want every night with you."-Rory

The relationship starts as friends. Rory walks Clare home from work every night and their friendship quickly develops into something more. However, the road to a happy ending isn't smooth for Clare and Rory. They both are harboring secrets that will ultimately hurt each other. Clare has been running from an abusive ex and Rory has been trying to overcome is dependency on alcohol and prescription drugs. Will Clare be able to escape her past? Can Rory find the inspiration in Clare to give up his dependency on the things wrecking his life?

"He wanted to change. He wanted to be the person Clare knew he could be. He wanted to be the legend his father was."-Rory


What is most refreshing about this read is the family dynamics. The characters are well developed and care deeply for each other. The writing style is natural and fluid. The love connection happens pretty quickly between Rory and Clare and yet the journey they take together is slow and steady. Although I feel this plot "idea" has been explored in other reads, this author offered a fresh perspective to the conflict. The story is told in dual POV. Additionally, I cannot fail to mention the explosive chemistry between Rory and Clare. The steam factor in this read is certainly off the charts! The fighting action was realistic and the tenderness between Rory and Claire had me swooning the entire read. 


"I will never let anything happen to you. No one will ever touch you. As long as I'm breathing, you are safe. You're with me now."

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good Fighter Romance. This was my first Sarah Robinson book and I assure you it will not be my last. I can't wait to meet the next Kavanagh brother! Bravo Ms. Robinson! 

~"ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review!"~


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