Sunday, September 6, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~Hold On~ Kristen Ashley~ Contemporary Romance



"We lay together, connected, a girl who never allowed herself to dream, lying on top of a dream come true."-Cher


Hold On is the sixth and final installment in Kristen Ashley's popular The Burg Series. Set in a small town in Indiana, The Burg explores the lives of small group of friends. There is always some sort of trouble brewing in the Burg and while love is always on the horizon, inevitably there is heartbreak to overcome first.

Cher is a single mom who is revered in the Burg for her down home personality and her take no prisoners spunk. She has secretly carried a flame for her friend and Burg police detective Garrett "Merry" Merrick. Alas, as a former stripper and a woman with a sordid past she has never been able to catch his eye past friendship. Lieutenant Merrick has finally made his divorce final from his small town wife and finds himself seeking comfort from Cher one night at the bar. One thing leads to another and before you know it, everything has changed!


"It would be okay."
"Okay, right. Not really. That thorn had driven itself deeper, knowing how he kissed-the range of intensity, the level of expertise-not to mention knowing a whole lot more about what Garrett Merrick could do."-Cher 

Cher decides to try and move past it and maintain their friendship. However, fate has other plans in store for them. When a piece of Cher's past surfaces and creates trouble, Merry is there and decides that he wants to give Cher his protection and experience a little more of that spark that they shared. 

"So now that she had the possibility of trouble, he was going to take hers. If she wanted him or not to."-Merry


Cher is hesitant to accept that things can really be good in her life. Although she has boundless amounts of love for her son Ethan and her mom, she has never really had a chance with love from a man that will cherish her.

"I forgot. I wasn't the kind of girl who got what she wanted. Not once. Not in my whole life."-Cher 

Merry is constantly warring with himself over his inability to move past the demons lurking from his past. And yet despite the drama swirling around them, Cher and Merry build something beautiful.


"It was memorizing. Basking. Worshiping. I was into him, it was unreal. Listening. Watching. What a touch would do. It might have been fifteen minutes; it might have been three hours. All I knew was by the time he was finally ready to give me what I needed, I was more ready to get it than I'd ever been in my life."-Cher 


Hold On is a beautiful read full of everything KA fans adore. It has maximum steam in the bedroom, a dirty talking alpha male, a strong heroine, a plot with action, and a strong theme of friendship and family. If you are a Kristen Ashley fan, then this is a must read! I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute. Ms. Ashley, as always, is descriptive in her writing and seamlessly creates complex characters that feel like your best friend and neighbor. Although The Burg isn't my favorite KA Series, I found Merry and Cher's story to be a beautiful ending to a journey that I have been on for the past couple of years. It is always bitter sweet to say goodbye to characters that we have grown to love and yet, with an epilogue like the one featured at the end of this read there was only room for joy! 


Overall, Hold On kept me engaged the entire read. There were moments where I would have liked for the action to have been a little more intense and yet, when the physical action was slowing down the physical action "between the sheets" was burning hot! Kristen Ashley is a one click buy for me. For me, she brings it every time. The Burg fans will surely enjoy this final installment. I have decided not to mourn to much that it is over because the next CHAOS novel will be out October 27th, 2015. Until then, I have a kindle full of KA to tide me over. Thank you Ms. Ashley for giving so much love to these characters and sharing them with all of us. They will be missed! 

~This was a BR with my girls at Turning Pages at Midnight! Thanks ladies for another amazing BR!~


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