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Elizabeth's Review~ Soul Avenged~ Keri Lake~ PRN Action/Romance




"I don't suppose the saying, 'Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all' means anything to you?"

Soul Avenged is a delicious blend of paranormal creatures, passion, romance, action, beautiful heroes, and one bad ass heroine! It is an addicting read that once it was started, I could not put it down! 


Ayden is a Slayer. She is a crafted warrior who has the ability to take down evil with one swipe of her blade. She hunts her enemies, the Lycans, with a vengeance. She has allied herself with a broody bunch of "alpha male demons" who will protect her with their lives! She is a defector of an underground army of soldiers, the Alexi, led by her arch nemesis Wade. While hunting one night, she comes across an injured man. He has been infected by a Lycan bite and will transform into a Lycan in seven days. There is something different about this "Lamb". When Ayden touches him, she feels a surge of memories. In order to cling to the memories he has evoked, she brings him home with her to uncover the truth to her past.


"Ties, costly to someone like her, were best unmade."-Ayden

Kane is a doctor who is caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. Attacked by Lycans, he is left injured and his life is forever changed. Ayden, his captor, is a force that he cannot overcome. However hard her exterior seems to be, Kane sees beneath the wall of steel and discovers a broken girl longing for love. Can these two find solace in the storm and make a way to be together? Will Ayden have to kill him? 

"I'm broken. And neither you nor anyone else can ever fix me again."-Ayden


In addition to the blooming romance between Ayden and Kane, the secondary character development kept me intrigued the entire read. Instead of being a distraction, I wanted more from the brothers and to discover their plight as well! Gavin, the leader of the brothers, has a history with Ayden and wants nothing more than to mate her and make her his. No matter how tender (and sexy) Gavin is with Ayden, it is unmistakeable that the two were never meant to be more than just friends. Gavin is the ultimate "alpha male" and a small part of me hoped that Ayden would make away with him. And yet, when Ayden and Kane come together there was no question in my mind that they were a perfect match for one another. 

"She belongs to me."-Kane


Logan is the brother who brings the most humor to the read. He is big, broody, and brutal! With the way this read ended, I cannot wait to see what is in store for him next. Calix is the boy scout of the group. Although he tries to stay out of trouble, he seems to attract it wherever he turns. Zeke is the playboy of the bunch. Finally, and perhaps the most appealing to my ovaries, Zayne is a perfect blend of jock and goth. Tatted and pierced, he has been in mourning for loosing his mate. (Be still my heart....if only I could heal his pain!) This delectable band of brothers holds the promise of many more amazing heart stopping moments to come. Can we say, one click the entire series now? Yes! Yes, we can!


Overall, I simply cannot rave enough about Soul Avenged! I have been a huge fan of Keri Lake ever since I discovered her work. She is a skillful writer who paints every single picture (page to page) for her reader. Each moment is sequenced beat by beat. Every character is complex and developed down to the most minute detail. Additionally, the passionate moments between the sheets left me aching for more! 

"Gentle and slow, he brushed his opened mouth across hers. Her breaths, so warm, hit his face in a pant. He closed the small space and took her fully. So soft, her lips against his. His body stirred with the kiss, becoming restless, wanting more."

This is by far a perfect example of why I read PRN and LOVE IT! When an author can transport me to another world, offer a beautiful romance story, and insert heart pumping action throughout, I become one with my kindle and there is just nothing better in the whole wide world! My only complaint is that I can't jump directly into the next book right now! But have no fear, my kindle will be stocked full with Keri Lake! Don't miss out on this gem! If you like PRN, action, passion, and romance, this is the read for you!

~BR with my girl LOYDA!~


~ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review! Thank you Keri for sharing your work with me!~

for an honest review."


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