Sunday, September 6, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ Under My Skin~ J. Kenner~ Contemporary Romance



"Whatever horror my mind would fabricate in dreams couldn't be any worse than the reality that now surrounds me. A reality in which the man I love desperately is suspected of murder."-Sylvia


Under My Skin is the long awaited conclusion of the Stark International Trilogy. We have seen Jackson and Sylvia face obstacle after obstacle and yet, through each trial they have been able to overcome! If you haven't read the first two books in this series, then I recommend waiting to read this review.


"Jackson is not a man to let circumstances get the better of him,and he is not a man who will let an injury go unavenged."-Sylvia


At the conclusion of the second book On My Knees, Jackson is facing jail time for possible murder, Sylvia has just discovered that he has a daughter, the business project they have together is in danger and the two are left in a state of limbo. Sylvia cannot help but fret over the future of their relationship. How can it be possible for them to continue living in the present when their future is so unknown? 

"He is a man who protects what he loves, and I know with unwavering certainty that the two things he loves most in this world are his daughter and me."-Sylvia

Under My Skin doesn't waste anytime jumping back into the action. Although Sylvia and Jackson have always found a way to healing through sex, I am happy to report that these two finally found away to talk to one another. They formalize a plan to battle the paparazzi, law, and looming murder investigation. However, don't fret because the sexy time between these two is always smokin' hot! 


"Decide how you want to play the game, sweetheart. But know that I'm only willing to play by my rules."-Jackson

As the plot develops, we witness Jackson growing closer to his brother and Sylvia coming to terms with possibly becoming a mother to Jackson's little girl. The internal struggles they both face are extreme. Jackson questions his ability to hang on to Sylvia because he doesn't know what the future holds. As Sylvia's secrets are revealed to the world, she battles with her desire to isolate herself and run from her problems.

"You're my miracle"


Overall, I would have to say the tempo in this book was slightly slower than its predecessors. The plot was well developed and yet, I was waiting for more to be revealed. It is the love that I have for these characters that kept me pushing forward! In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey that Sylvia and Jackson took together. The dual POV assisted greatly in this read as I wanted to thoroughly understand each character. Additionally, as I stated earlier, Jackson is one dominant lover and each moment spent with him is a moment well spent! I feel like the series as a whole has a complete story arc and I was very pleased with it's conclusion. The epilogue alone made this book worth the read. Who doesn't love a story of second chances? I am quite a fan of this authors work and I will certainly check out more from her in the future! 

~BR with my girl Casey! I cannot wait for our next read together! Thanks for taking this journey with me!~

~ARC graciously received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!~


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