Saturday, September 12, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ Torn Hearts~ Claire Contreras~ Contemporary Romance


~5 Torn Heart Stars~


Jensen and Mia are simply meant to be together. They are like two two music notes that when played together make perfect harmony. They are two halves of one whole. Suddenly, Jensen makes a mistake and Mia and Jensen are no more. The break is final. The act is one that cannot be undone.

"You deserve everything, Mia."-Jensen
"I only want you."-Mia
"You have me, baby. You'll always have me."-Jensen

Torn Hearts is a gripping novella that offers us a peek into the history of a beautiful couple that were ripped apart by life circumstances. It is told in both the present and the past. It is an introduction to the full novel Paper Hearts. If the purpose of Torn Hearts was to rip my heart open, it succeeded. Reading Torn Hearts left me raw, angry, turned on, broken, and these few chapters were like a down payment on the purchase of a beautiful story I will never forget. 

"Do you love me, Jensen?"-Mia
"More than anything."-Jenson


Overall, I highly recommend anything written by Claire Contreras. Her writing style is fluid, full of emotions, and her characters are well developed. Although this was a quick read, it packed quite a punch! Additionally, I can now say with certainty that Jensen and Mia are my favorite of all of her characters to date. Don't waste another minute. Check out this novella now and prepare yourself for the beautiful broken tale of Jensen and Mia. Surely everyone deserves a second chance.

~ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!~


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