Sunday, October 4, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~Unhidden~ Dina Given~ PRN/SCI-Fi/ACTION


"The Battle was about to begin...."

Unhidden is the first book in The Gatekeeper Series. This book sets the questions and answers of the who, what, when, where, and why of a supernatural place with many worlds. Dina Given paints a tapestry of many different creatures vying to take power and overcome their enemies!


Emma is a strong military operative. She has a few close friends that offer her love and support. She finds solace in many men and in her home in the BIG APPLE. When a mission goes terribly wrong, Emma is injured and her life is changed forever.


She meets a man that on one hand seems to be in love with her and yet, he is continuously trying to kill her. Emma spends the majority of this book trying to figure out who she really is. Who her friends are and overcoming the deadly creatures that want to overtake her.

"I don't think you would or could. After all, you still love me. Fortunately, I don't have such emotional weaknesses and plan to kill you without any remorse whatsoever."-Zane


Unhidden is told in multiple POV. The action is intense. The characters are complex and the physical descriptions of the places, sights, and sounds are described down to the detail. The only detraction for me in this read was the lack of physical connection between Emma and Zane. I understood the need to build the suspense in their relationship and yet, I am a romance lover at heart. I would have loved for the connection between the two to have been longer and a more prominent element of the read!

"I didn't know where that was; however, for some reason, I trusted him. I would figure the rest out later."-Emma


I highly recommend Unhidden to action/Sci-Fi/PRN fans! This book has vampires, demons, elves, evil spirits, dragons, and many more mythical creatures. The author does a fantastic job drawing you in as you take off on this magical read! Just be aware the love story is definitely a background element in this read. Still, I look forward to reading more of Emma's journey of discovery, her burning connection with Zane, and her quest to find peace. Emma is one amazing heroine!

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