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My Rating: 5***Sexy, Suspenseful & Addicting ~ Stars

Title: Childstar 1
Author: J.J. McAvoy
Genre: Romance - Short Stories
Type: Book 1 of 3 Childstar Series
POV: First Person - Dual 


Childstar is book one in the three part short story series. The story is about two Hollywood Child Stars; a bad boy meet American sweetheart. The story is fabulous full of everything I look for in a book. It's funny, lots of sexual tension, heartache, betrayals, secrets, and a super twisted ending that I did now see coming. 

Amelia London, at age twenty-five gorgeous feels trapped; to the world she is a good girl but she is sick of the life, the lies that her life had become living in the shadows of Hollywood. Her heart was broken and shattered by one man that she never thought she would see again. Destiny put him back into her life and she was ready to confront her demons and take a risk at getting her heart broken again but she knew it was worth it. 

“Our relationship was doomed from the start. The only love that last in Hollywood is the one we fake and sell to others.” Amelia

Noah Sloan, twenty-seven years old managed to grow up as a Childstar with Amelia they both fell in love. Circumstances forced them to be separated for over nine years and he didn't care about anything he continue to show off a bad boy imagine because he was nothing without her. However to the world he was a drug addict who is struggling to make a comeback to the big screen. 

“I was nothing. If I didn’t act, I was nothing. It was just that simple.” Noah
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Both their carriers were at stake; Amelia wasn't going to make it big anytime soon anymore unless she takes the only offer that could change her life around. Noah had a bad reputation and was in the same position declining this offer meant no more acting for him. When the only chance for both of them comes up to be the lead actor/actress for the most wanted movie of the year "Sinners Like Us ". This movie was an erotic suspense based on a top seller book. They both had no choice but to take it. Neither of them realized the movie's characters were going to be perfect for each other based on their history. They were both stubborn and fought all the time but their chemistry was just amazing and incredible in front and behind of the cameras.

Their time spent making the movie was priceless I absolutely enjoyed and devour every minute of it. This book considering it was so short had it all for me I was hooked from page one and it left me wanting for more. I will recommend this book to everyone. The minute this book comes out go get it trust me it will be worth it book two and three will come out shortly right after so the waiting is not going to be long. There was so much sexual tension, angst both amazing hero and heroine you will fall hard for Noah and I hurt for both. Did I cried?! Yes and Yes because I just felt so much reading this book the emotions were driving me wild. I just want them to be happy but I guess I’ll have to wait patiently to get there. 

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“You’ve always be burned into my mind, stitched to my soul, and the owner of my heart” Damon

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”ARC Kindly provided to me via Author, In exchange for an honest review.” 

*****BR with my Girl LIZ*****

Book Series Order: 
Childstar 1 (Childstar, #1) by J.J. McAvoyChildstar 2 (Childstar, #2) by J.J. McAvoyChildstar 3 (Childstar, #3) by J.J. McAvoy


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