Friday, October 9, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ Walk Through Fire~ Kristen Ashley~ Contemporary MC Romance




In Walk through Fire, Kristen Ashley wows us once again with a passionate heroine and a bad ass alpha who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to shoot down the entire world to get it. It is a blissful "second chance delight" which will leave you wanting more.


Millie is a successful business owner who lives in a beautiful renovated house. She has no children, no boyfriend, and not even a cat to call her own. While out one night at the local Chipotle, she sees the love of her life. After a quick eavesdropping session, she realizes that he is getting divorced, has two children, and seems to be happy. Millie has spent the last twenty years in despair over the loss of his love in her life. In the haze of “coulda, shoulda, woulda”, Millie decides to approach her lost love and tell him why she left him all of those years ago.

"It was my job to make sure you had it all. It was my job to make sure you had everything. But you wouldn't let me go. You'd never let me go."

Logan is a rough riding biker making his way in the world as a CHAOS brother. He is tough, he is mean, and doesn’t put up with anyone trying to get in his way. When Millie breaks back into his life, he is furious. The audacity of her barreling back through his “easy ride” causes an avalanche of heartbreak and anger to burst forth.


Logan might be mad at Millie but the thought of how he can seek revenge overcomes him. After a few angry tumbles between the sheets, Logan recognizes that Millie is not the same Millie that she was when they were together. Logan and Millie have twenty years worth of heart break and miscommunication to work through. 


Told in dual POV (with a shifting setting from past to present), KA offers another "second chance romance” served with a heavy dosage of steam and a side of light action. Both Millie and Logan were extremely likable characters and although the heart of their plight might be a bit "heavy handed", it is delivered in a manner in which I felt it to be sincere and completely realistic. There was no doubt in my mind that both characters were driven to the choices that they made and I enjoyed every moment of their reconciliation period.

"We stroked and we petted and licked, sucked, dragged, nipped until the urgency he built took over because Logan took over and all I could take in was his scent, all I could do was clutch him to me, my face in his neck, my his riding his fingers thrusting into me."

The passion between Logan and Millie is not only dynamic but also tender. The build up for the "big reveal” was well paced. Although I questioned her choices, I admired her ability to put Logan before her own selfish needs. I found Millie to be a delightful heroine who exemplifies a strong woman just putting "one foot in front of the other”.


An additional delight in this read is the continuity in Ms. Ashley's writing. She always offers glimpses of beloved CHAOS characters. Kristen Ashley knows how to weave and “reweave" the scenic locations and characters into a beautiful potluck shmorgishborg. I always feel like I am sitting right at the counter waiting for TEX to serve me a cappuccino or I am a voyeur in the bedroom with TACK and TYRA as they have yet another delicious duel of words (and tongues). As per KA standard, the written text is written in her own style and the characters' dialogue reflects the way they would sound when speaking. 


"Walked into a party, fell in love with you. Walked through fire when I lost you. Got you back. Nothin', will make me lose you. Hear?"-Logan

Overall, Kristen Ashley fans will adore this read. Although she follows a similar formula in each of her books, my thought on that is, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it!” It always amazes me how I feel transported so easily in one of her reads. Every single KA release day feels like Christmas for me. I look forward to the next CHAOS installment as the action in the story is truly coming full circle! Bravo, Ms. Ashley for another amazing ride! My kindle and I will be ready and waiting for the next CHAOS BIKER and his CHICK!

~ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review!~


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