Sunday, October 25, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ The Truth About Him~ Molly O'Keefe~ Contemporary Romance


"Change is a choice. It's long and it's slow." 


The Truth About Him is a stunning follow up to Everything I Left Unsaid. This read is raw and grips your heart in a vice as the truth is unveiled layer by layer. I was truly taken in by this fantastic read and I cannot wait to read more from this author!


At the conclusion of Everything I Left Unsaid, everything is left wide open. Annie and Dylan are in danger both physically and emotionally. As the physical danger subsides, the emotional trauma intensifies as both characters must find their way. The question remains: will they find their way together or apart? Annie is working hard to heal the brokenness she is harboring inside. Dylan wants to keep Annie beside him and yet, he feels like he will only bring her more pain and heartbreak. 

"But Annie deserved someone good. And I used to think I could be the guy to give it to her. But it looked like that was only a dream."


The mystery surrounding the supporting characters begins to surface to the forefront of the story. The plot is riddled with conflicts and the transformation each character takes along the journey is pivotal to the story. Every moment holds meaning and is emotionally exposed so that the reader experiences every heartbeat right along with the characters.

"I thought. It was a leap of faith. Scary as shit."

The physical connection between Dylan and Annie is quite unique. Annie is growing sexually and wants to explore every inch of Dylan. Although he is hesitant, due to his own insecurities, he submits to her and the combination is sexy, raw, and smoking hot! I simply couldn't get enough of these two together!

"Baby, I'm going to want to have sex with you until the day I die."


"I'm not letting you go."

Told in dual POV, The Truth About Him has a unique plot line and real characters (with all of the beautiful flaws and imperfections) to explore. The action is set at a moderate pace and coupled with the "sexy steam factor", I simply didn't want this one to end! 


"Because I am his. And only his."


Overall, The Truth About Him is a fantastic read. I thoroughly enjoyed Annie's transformation from Everything I Left Unsaid and was quite humbled by the love she found with Dylan. If you are a fan of flawed characters and second chance romance stories than this is the read for you. I only hope Ms. O'Keefe will continue this journey and expose more from the secondary characters. Because I, for one, simply cannot get enough!

~ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review!~


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