Sunday, October 25, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ Uncovered - Colours of Love~ Kathryn Taylor~ Contemporary Romance


"There's no turning back now."


Uncovered is the second book in the Colours of Love Series.Unbound, the first book in the series, had quite a cliffhanger at the end. I was anxious to find out what would happen next to the "sex god" Jonathan and the "young and vibrant" Grace.


At the conclusion of Unbound, it was unknown if Jonathan would be willing to walk away from the illustrious sex club he frequently visits in order to pursue a genuine relationship with Grace. Grace is only in London for the duration of her internship. When the internship comes to an end, will Grace stay in London with Jonathan or will she return home to the United States?

"There really is a connection between us, one that he won't be able to deny. That's why I'm still here, why he isn't able to drive me away with his domineering ways."

Grace and Jonathan have the makings of a beautiful relationship. However, Jonathan has demons from his past that have held him back from truly giving himself to someone. When Jonathan begins to draw closer to Grace, he is constantly at odds with himself. Grace begins to doubt if she will be enough for Jonathan. She is desperate to draw him in and yet keep her dignity intact! 


The sexual chemistry is off the charts between these two. Although Grace may have started out relatively innocent, Jonathan hasn't wasted anytime catching her up on all things "wild and crazy" in the bedroom. It is the intimacy shared between the two that finally begins to breakdown the barriers. Jonathan begins to want more with Grace. As with most relationships, there are elements of tension rising all around them. 

"I'm ablaze with desire and abandon myself completely to his rhythm."


Uncovered is a perfect read for people who enjoy the "sexy business man falls for his innocent intern" plot line. The writing is heavy on the narrative side and yet, I felt like it worked well in this installment. The characters were much more developed in this book and I was pleasantly surprised with how things progressed. In addition to liking the main characters, I really enjoyed getting to know the secondary characters as well. Of course, my favorite element of the read was the setting. Who doesn't love a good read set in England?


"I've decided not to give up, to fight for him..."


Overall, Uncovered was a winning read. I highly recommend it for my friends who like Bared to You or 50 Shades of Grey. This was definitely my favorite of the two books and I am sincerely looking forward to reading the third book Unleashed!

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