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My Rating 5***Magical Soul Mate ~Stars

Title: Twisted Magic
Author: Claire C. Riley
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Book 1 of series
POV: First Person – Dual


“There’s something more that pulls us together. No matter what happens, we always find a way. It’s something bigger than us. Bigger than everything.” Peter

Sarah Leigh was the daughter of an evil dark witch; she returned to her home after five years for the funeral of her grandmother. She was angry at her grandmother for casting her away from her home and family five years ago but she still loved her and wanted to be there for a proper burial. Raven’s Cove was ruled by her family; it was her home and where she grew up as a member of the black witches and dark magic. However; Sarah always fought the darkness and try to do what was right embracing the light and never let her darkness take over her. Her mother was jealous of her because apparently Sarah’s powers were unique and stronger than hers. 

“I had always wanted light where there was only dark. I was a freak of my coven, of my family.” Sarah


Peter has been invisible for ten years as a punishment for falling in love with the wrong girl. He never expected what his future was going to be; he was bitter and angry but he couldn’t stop his love for her for “Sarah”. The minute he met her; he knew he would do anything to be with her at any cost but he never imagine that he would be forgotten and imprisoned forever. No one could hear him, see him, or feel him. He was son of the white witches the good power; therefore Sarah and Peter couldn’t be together because their magic combined will be the death of everyone. As Sarah was darkness Peter was light but the more Peter was with Sarah the more he would embrace the darkness in him which was the opposite of Sarah.

“My love for her was eternal, I lived and breathed my love for her, but the blackness inside me was choking my soul.” Peter


Sarah comes back to her grandmother’s home and meets Peter there; when she was cast away from her Coven her grandmother made sure that she had no memory of Peter and what he meant to her. However; the intensity of their love couldn’t be stopped. She is able to see Peter, hear him and even feel him. She can’t understand why she feels so much when she sees into his eyes but she doesn’t care he makes her feel complete and whole; something she had lost when she was away. Peter tries to hurt her with his words to push her away because he feels hopeless, no matter what he knows they could never be together and no one could ever help him get out of his imprisoned life, especially now that the only person that was able to do it is now dead. 

“We were magnets, and we were drawn to one another…her memories may be stolen, but her feelings lived on.” Peter

However; the more time Sarah and Peter spend together before her grandma’s funeral the more she feels for him and feels her heart beat when she’s with him. She knows she has to save him and release that spell that was cast on him so he can be set Free regardless of the consequences. Peter doesn’t want her to try because he knows her family will kill her and he rather live invisible and lonely than to have her dead.


“Separated, we were opposing forces, but together we were two pieces of the same puzzle, united. Together our magic had the potential to destroy everything.” Sarah

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“We were the opposite in every way. We were each other’s antonym; we were the anomalies of our family bloodlines, of our covens.” Peter


I was such a nervous wreck while reading this book closer to the end because somehow Sarah managed to get some of her grandmother’s magic without the other witches noticing it and by doing so she would be able to read her spells and set Peter free and not only did she wanted to set him free she knew she belonged with him. When the witches found out omg I was freaking out the entire time. The suspense was driving me mad the action on this part of the book was amazing. There was no sex on this book but the chemistry and the desperation of Peter and Sarah’s feelings and EPIC love hit me hard and I fell for both of these characters hard. I love them so much and the ending left me feeling like I wanted to hit something. I need more; I can’t stand it I need book two like yesterday. This author gives you such an amazing and beautiful romantic story but with a bit of suspense and secrets and you can’t help just reading this in one setting and wanting more. If you like a good soul mate romantic and tragic story you need to read this book. It’s defiantly an absolutely epic forbidden love story that gives you so much feels and leaves you wanting so much more. I will be stalking this author for the next installment in the amazing series. 


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"Copy Kindly provided to me via Author, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much Claire"

Book Series Order:
Twisted Magic Raven's Cove Series Book One by Claire C. Riley

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