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My Rating 4***Surprisingly Emotional ~Stars

Title: Untamed
Author: S.C. Stephens
Genre:Contemporary Romance
Type: Book 4 of Thoughtless Series 
POV: First Person – Male 

"She had my back, she believed in me. That relief was what kept me going. Anna was the fuel to my awesome-train."


This was such an amazing roller coaster ride. I was laughing so hard the first thirty five percent of the book. Then I was getting super anxious and nervous I didn't know exactly what to do with myself my anxiety levels were driving me mad; I was watching Griffin heading out for disaster and I just couldn't stop him. I was so pained and scared for what was to come. His awesomeness only was going to go far and when he least expected he hit rock bottom as it was predicted and WOW I didn't realized how much I was going to hurt for him. 

Untamed takes place after the Thoughtless trilogy and is told only from Griffin's point of view. Griffin Hancock; the bassist of the D-Bags had been married to Anna and had a gorgeous beautiful three year old daughter which by the way was just adorable. They had another baby girl on the way; they were not messing around that's for sure. He was just so darn adorable when it came to his girls; yes I used that word twice already because I loved that about Griffin the cocky one yes that one he threw me off with his love for Anna and his now two daughters. He wanted to be good for them but his stubbornness to not pay attention to things; his self-centered and big ego got him in a big hole that had me crying so hard when it finally hit. 

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"I had smarts. Smarts, skills, and looks. I was the whole package-a triple threat of awesomeness."

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Griffin was so jealous of Kellan the entire time he never admitted to it, he had too much pride to admit it; he was bound to be better he wanted to be like Kellan in his mind he was better than being behind the bass he wanted a lead guitarist or vocal position and he was going to do anything to get it. He tried talking to the boys but no one would take him serious. So he finally had a chance to prove himself of his worth and oh boy the struggles and the messed up he did to get there was well hard to watch. I loved Kellan out of all the boys Kellan was amazing on this book and even Kiera surprised me with her appearance right around seventy five percent I couldn't have been so glad to see her on this book.

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Matt and Griffin fought a lot just like family usually do but it got so bad that they stopped talking to each other. Griffin believed that Matt and the band was holding him down from his spotlight; he was so absorbed on what he wanted that forgot to appreciate what he already had in the palm of his hands and when he finally reached that moment that he realized he utterly fucked up I was a bubbling mess of tears. I loved Anna on this book; she was perfect for Griffin they were best friends. Their children was their foundation, their trust for each other and their sex life damn they were so damn good for each other. They had sex everywhere and anywhere where Mr. Hancock needed a hand Anna was just there just as needy as him. Their relationship was badass I loved it. She understood his needs and always supported him until too many lies; she just couldn't stay with him the lies was what hunted her the most. She could of go broke and lost it all and still supported him if it wasn't because he hid a lot of stuff from her and made a full of herself and himself. 

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"The two of us together were explosive. No, mind-blowind. No…life-altering….Anna just got me, and fully satisfied me like nobody else.

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"My regret…I'd been handed fame on a platter and hadn't appreciated it until it was too late."

I was going through so much feeling and emotions I basically cried a river for the last thirty percent of the book. Some tears of sadness, some were frustration and some were of happiness. This book definitely makes you feel so much. I loved the way the author twisted the ending it was just amazing, I had this big hole in my belly right about 95% up to the point of feeling ill but the way the last five percent turned out was a ride I was not expecting and it was completely worth all the angst and nerve wracking. The ending was absofuckinglutly AMAZING. If you are a Griffin fan and a D-Bags fan you will truly love this book but if you didn't like Griffin on the series this book might not be for you it's like thoughtless on steroids haha. I didn't know what I was expecting to read but I sure didn't expect this book to be so fantastic specially the way Griffin LOVE yes he LOVED his girls. That was what did it for me his love for his girls just made this book so worth the heartache and pain in my chest. Sure it was long book and yes Griff annoyed me at times but the ride was so well worth it. This book was so much more than a cocky boy it was about learning that one day you could have it all but in a blink of an eye you could lose it all and it's up to you to let go of your ego and step back up and be humble and earn it all back up the hard way.

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"ARC Kindly provided via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review."

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