Sunday, October 11, 2015

Elizabeth's Review~ Dirty English~ Ilsa Madden-Mills~ NA Contemporary Fighter Romance


"He was the one with the potential to break me into a million pieces."-Elizabeth


Dirty English is a FIGHTING ROMANCE lovers dream! With a tattooed fighting bad boy and a broken heroine, this is one read you won't want to miss!


Elizabeth Bennett is an intelligent hard working college student striving to overcome her upbringing. Straight out of the trailer park, she has managed to secure a scholarship at a prestigious university. Other than her two best friends, she avoids relationships like the plague. Facing the demons of her past, she has distracted herself with meaningless sex. Driven by order and meticulous planning, Elizabeth is just going through the motions of life. As she unpacks her life in her new apartment, she discovers that her new neighbor is tall, dark, and "super sexy"!


Declan Blay is a British transplant and works hard at the university and as a fighter in an underground fighting ring. His twin brother is his best friend and although they are opposite, their friendship is endearing and their support for one another is unwavering. Declan settles into his new apartment and notices his sexy and sweet neighbor Elizabeth.

"There was a connection between us, and I'm not stupid, I know it wasn't love at first sight-maybe lust-but he was definitely the hottest guy I'd been this close to in two years."-Elizabeth


When Elizabeth ventures out to a Fraternity party, she meets Declan. Although the attraction is immediate, Declan doesn't view Elizabeth as an "easy lay"! Elizabeth does everything in her power to get her "bad boy" neighbor between the sheets. Declan is weighed down by his ex girlfriend and fears that he will only hurt Elizabeth. Elizabeth is battling the connection she feels with Declan when her past slams into her like a tsunami. Can Declan and Elizabeth find a way to overcome their pasts and find a future together?

"I don't want to stay away from you. I want you to fuck me and stop making excuses for why you can't."-Declan


Dirty English is a pleasant blend of action, passion, romance, and just enough "college drama" to keep the read engaging the entire time! Told in dual POV, both Declan and Elizabeth were intriguing characters with a great deal of depth. The plot is very similar to other NA Fighter Reads and yet, if that is a combination that you enjoy than you will be pleased with this read! Beware, you may have to enlist a great deal of patience as these two waver between "to be together" or "not to be together". However in the end, it was well worth the wait! 


Overall, I recommend Dirty English to anyone who enjoys a great NA Fighter Romance! I thoroughly enjoyed this read and will certainly be on the lookout from more from this author!

~ ARC graciously provided via publisher for BLOG TOUR!~


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