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Elizabeth's Review~ REAP~ Tillie Cole~ Contemporary*Fighter*Mafiya Romance


"My affection for this man swelled to fill my every cell. He was perfect for me. In every single way."-Talia


Reap is the second book in Tillie Cole's Scarred Souls Series. Once again, Tillie Cole has brought me to my knees and I enjoyed every single second of it! I am in awe of Ms. Cole's ability to weave action, romance, steamy sex, and a touching story of perseverance in one read. She hits the magical blend every single time! Fans of Raze will be thrilled to be back in the dungeon with the Bratva men and their women. 


Talia is a Russian Bratva Princess. She works hard to help support the family business. Although she seems to have it all together, it is simply a facade. She is playing the role she should play as the daughter of a powerful man. But, as her best friend Kisa has found love (with her brother Raze), the void in her life begins to consume her. Talia decides a much needed trip away is exactly what she needs to clear her head from the violent life of the Bratva.

"I needed this break. I'd earned this break. I wanted to be normal. I wanted to be plain old normal Talia from Brooklyn, if only for a little while."-Talia

Raze, Talia's brother (and the damaged hero from the first book in the series), is working hard to avenge the death of his friend. Additionally, he is trying to make peace with himself so that he can become the new Bratva Boss. Before he can move forward with his life, he must locate his friend's twin brother and rescue him from the clutches of an evil captor. However, as fate would have it, the man he is trying to save is a member of the Georgian Mafiya Family and therefore an enemy to the Bratva Family.

"I gutted. I culled. I fucking slaughtered them all."-221

Fighter 221 is being forced to battle to death in the cage, rape women, and face deplorable physical abuse from his master. He lives in the darkness and has no memories of his life before captivity. When Raze rescues 221, he is violent and dangerous as he begins to detox from the drugs that are in his system. Raze delivers Zaal (221) to the Bratva family home in the Hamptons in hopes that he can become human again. Talia is there on vacation and comes face to face to the enemy of her father. Yet, all she sees is a broken man that needs her help.


Despite her fears, Talia begins to heal Zaal. They form an instant bond. Although it begins physical, it rapidly transforms into a deep emotional connection. Zaal and Talia have many barriers to break through. Their story is painful and yet so very beautiful!


"Zaal roared into my mouth. He devoured me with his mouth. He dominated me with his strength."-Talia

"Zaal was in my whole heart."-Talia

Reap is a stunning read full of maximum steam, action, and just enough darkness to enhance the characters within the walls of the Bratva Mafiya world. I adore the dialogue in this series because the Russian language is so beautiful. The plot is well developed and the multiple POV gives us a panoramic view of the emotions felt by each character. The pacing is spot on with enough intensity to keep you on the edge of your seat but it is not in excess where you feel uncomfortable or "angsty" about the outcome. 


"Zaal Kostava, you've stolen my forbidden heart."-Talia


Overall, Reap is a must read! It has something for everyone! Tillie Cole is an automatic buy for me and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series! If you haven't met Raze or Zaal yet, get your kindle ready because this is a must read for 2015!

~ARC graciously provided via publisher via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review!~ 


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My Rating 4***Surprisingly Emotional ~Stars

Title: Untamed
Author: S.C. Stephens
Genre:Contemporary Romance
Type: Book 4 of Thoughtless Series 
POV: First Person – Male 

"She had my back, she believed in me. That relief was what kept me going. Anna was the fuel to my awesome-train."


This was such an amazing roller coaster ride. I was laughing so hard the first thirty five percent of the book. Then I was getting super anxious and nervous I didn't know exactly what to do with myself my anxiety levels were driving me mad; I was watching Griffin heading out for disaster and I just couldn't stop him. I was so pained and scared for what was to come. His awesomeness only was going to go far and when he least expected he hit rock bottom as it was predicted and WOW I didn't realized how much I was going to hurt for him. 

Untamed takes place after the Thoughtless trilogy and is told only from Griffin's point of view. Griffin Hancock; the bassist of the D-Bags had been married to Anna and had a gorgeous beautiful three year old daughter which by the way was just adorable. They had another baby girl on the way; they were not messing around that's for sure. He was just so darn adorable when it came to his girls; yes I used that word twice already because I loved that about Griffin the cocky one yes that one he threw me off with his love for Anna and his now two daughters. He wanted to be good for them but his stubbornness to not pay attention to things; his self-centered and big ego got him in a big hole that had me crying so hard when it finally hit. 

 photo bass2Bplayer_zpsznsh5wye.gif

"I had smarts. Smarts, skills, and looks. I was the whole package-a triple threat of awesomeness."

 photo tumblr_nu6g2tmZeQ1u1fghgo1_500_zpsu8cepl7w.gif

Griffin was so jealous of Kellan the entire time he never admitted to it, he had too much pride to admit it; he was bound to be better he wanted to be like Kellan in his mind he was better than being behind the bass he wanted a lead guitarist or vocal position and he was going to do anything to get it. He tried talking to the boys but no one would take him serious. So he finally had a chance to prove himself of his worth and oh boy the struggles and the messed up he did to get there was well hard to watch. I loved Kellan out of all the boys Kellan was amazing on this book and even Kiera surprised me with her appearance right around seventy five percent I couldn't have been so glad to see her on this book.

 photo tumblr_ma9qbzxwJd1qliy27o1_500_zpsolm9bz0q.gif

Matt and Griffin fought a lot just like family usually do but it got so bad that they stopped talking to each other. Griffin believed that Matt and the band was holding him down from his spotlight; he was so absorbed on what he wanted that forgot to appreciate what he already had in the palm of his hands and when he finally reached that moment that he realized he utterly fucked up I was a bubbling mess of tears. I loved Anna on this book; she was perfect for Griffin they were best friends. Their children was their foundation, their trust for each other and their sex life damn they were so damn good for each other. They had sex everywhere and anywhere where Mr. Hancock needed a hand Anna was just there just as needy as him. Their relationship was badass I loved it. She understood his needs and always supported him until too many lies; she just couldn't stay with him the lies was what hunted her the most. She could of go broke and lost it all and still supported him if it wasn't because he hid a lot of stuff from her and made a full of herself and himself. 

 photo 9850483_zpss0yspduj.gif

"The two of us together were explosive. No, mind-blowind. No…life-altering….Anna just got me, and fully satisfied me like nobody else.

 photo tumblr_mhjae5yxBs1rnbutxo1_500_zpsngv9flxs.gif

"My regret…I'd been handed fame on a platter and hadn't appreciated it until it was too late."

I was going through so much feeling and emotions I basically cried a river for the last thirty percent of the book. Some tears of sadness, some were frustration and some were of happiness. This book definitely makes you feel so much. I loved the way the author twisted the ending it was just amazing, I had this big hole in my belly right about 95% up to the point of feeling ill but the way the last five percent turned out was a ride I was not expecting and it was completely worth all the angst and nerve wracking. The ending was absofuckinglutly AMAZING. If you are a Griffin fan and a D-Bags fan you will truly love this book but if you didn't like Griffin on the series this book might not be for you it's like thoughtless on steroids haha. I didn't know what I was expecting to read but I sure didn't expect this book to be so fantastic specially the way Griffin LOVE yes he LOVED his girls. That was what did it for me his love for his girls just made this book so worth the heartache and pain in my chest. Sure it was long book and yes Griff annoyed me at times but the ride was so well worth it. This book was so much more than a cocky boy it was about learning that one day you could have it all but in a blink of an eye you could lose it all and it's up to you to let go of your ego and step back up and be humble and earn it all back up the hard way.

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"ARC Kindly provided via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review."

Book Series Order:
Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1) by S.C. StephensEffortless (Thoughtless, #2) by S.C. StephensReckless (Thoughtless, #3) by S.C. StephensThoughtful (Thoughtless, #1.5) by S.C. StephensUntamed (Thoughtless, #4) by S.C. Stephens

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My Rating 5***Magical Soul Mate ~Stars

Title: Twisted Magic
Author: Claire C. Riley
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Book 1 of series
POV: First Person – Dual


“There’s something more that pulls us together. No matter what happens, we always find a way. It’s something bigger than us. Bigger than everything.” Peter

Sarah Leigh was the daughter of an evil dark witch; she returned to her home after five years for the funeral of her grandmother. She was angry at her grandmother for casting her away from her home and family five years ago but she still loved her and wanted to be there for a proper burial. Raven’s Cove was ruled by her family; it was her home and where she grew up as a member of the black witches and dark magic. However; Sarah always fought the darkness and try to do what was right embracing the light and never let her darkness take over her. Her mother was jealous of her because apparently Sarah’s powers were unique and stronger than hers. 

“I had always wanted light where there was only dark. I was a freak of my coven, of my family.” Sarah


Peter has been invisible for ten years as a punishment for falling in love with the wrong girl. He never expected what his future was going to be; he was bitter and angry but he couldn’t stop his love for her for “Sarah”. The minute he met her; he knew he would do anything to be with her at any cost but he never imagine that he would be forgotten and imprisoned forever. No one could hear him, see him, or feel him. He was son of the white witches the good power; therefore Sarah and Peter couldn’t be together because their magic combined will be the death of everyone. As Sarah was darkness Peter was light but the more Peter was with Sarah the more he would embrace the darkness in him which was the opposite of Sarah.

“My love for her was eternal, I lived and breathed my love for her, but the blackness inside me was choking my soul.” Peter


Sarah comes back to her grandmother’s home and meets Peter there; when she was cast away from her Coven her grandmother made sure that she had no memory of Peter and what he meant to her. However; the intensity of their love couldn’t be stopped. She is able to see Peter, hear him and even feel him. She can’t understand why she feels so much when she sees into his eyes but she doesn’t care he makes her feel complete and whole; something she had lost when she was away. Peter tries to hurt her with his words to push her away because he feels hopeless, no matter what he knows they could never be together and no one could ever help him get out of his imprisoned life, especially now that the only person that was able to do it is now dead. 

“We were magnets, and we were drawn to one another…her memories may be stolen, but her feelings lived on.” Peter

However; the more time Sarah and Peter spend together before her grandma’s funeral the more she feels for him and feels her heart beat when she’s with him. She knows she has to save him and release that spell that was cast on him so he can be set Free regardless of the consequences. Peter doesn’t want her to try because he knows her family will kill her and he rather live invisible and lonely than to have her dead.


“Separated, we were opposing forces, but together we were two pieces of the same puzzle, united. Together our magic had the potential to destroy everything.” Sarah

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“We were the opposite in every way. We were each other’s antonym; we were the anomalies of our family bloodlines, of our covens.” Peter


I was such a nervous wreck while reading this book closer to the end because somehow Sarah managed to get some of her grandmother’s magic without the other witches noticing it and by doing so she would be able to read her spells and set Peter free and not only did she wanted to set him free she knew she belonged with him. When the witches found out omg I was freaking out the entire time. The suspense was driving me mad the action on this part of the book was amazing. There was no sex on this book but the chemistry and the desperation of Peter and Sarah’s feelings and EPIC love hit me hard and I fell for both of these characters hard. I love them so much and the ending left me feeling like I wanted to hit something. I need more; I can’t stand it I need book two like yesterday. This author gives you such an amazing and beautiful romantic story but with a bit of suspense and secrets and you can’t help just reading this in one setting and wanting more. If you like a good soul mate romantic and tragic story you need to read this book. It’s defiantly an absolutely epic forbidden love story that gives you so much feels and leaves you wanting so much more. I will be stalking this author for the next installment in the amazing series. 


These songs are perfect for this book:

"Copy Kindly provided to me via Author, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much Claire"

Book Series Order:
Twisted Magic Raven's Cove Series Book One by Claire C. Riley



Author: Jaden Wilkes
Genre: Dark Erotic Novel
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Male


"He needed inside her with the desperation of a dying man needing a cure. In this case there simply is no cure."



For all my romantic lover readers be warned this book is not for everyone it is not a love story and sometimes there is no happily ever after.

Now that you have been warned if you want to read please do so at your own discretion. The blurb sold me on this book well because I'm cray cray like that. To be honest I knew this one was going to be crazy but had no idea how much until I started it. This review is probably going to be the shortest reviews ever because if I tell you the story it will ruin this book and for all my dark book lovers I can't do that to you. 

Alexandre aka Dr. Dane; super-hot and attractive but at the same time full of himself who is pretty crazy which he knows; is a therapist and a sociopath. He has his own method of helping his hopeless and damaged clients. He believes in his head that what he is doing is correct for them but in all reality it is not; however the damages girls don't seem to mind I mean a sex on a stick Doctor that wants to help them get better and feel good in all the right places?! Come on, where do I sign up right?! Lol 


Anyhow everything is not like it seems; things started to get so strange and I was losing my sanity while reading this book but at the same time I was hooked and glued to the pages I just couldn't stop until I finished. Yes I read it in one setting; this book was funny, sexy, and crazy. I kept trying to figure out what the hell was going on, so much mystery, so many theories going in my head until I finally got to the ending and holy shit I did not see it coming. I think I will think about this book forever because I still can't come to terms of how this book ended it was so wicked and twisted and fucked up but I loved it. Yeah I must be losing it too hahaha. So in short words just read this book if you want to find out the insanity of Dr. Dane. 


"There simply is no cure"


Do not open spoiler unless you've read the book:

These songs are perfect for this book:

F(BR) with my shhluts this week CC, WAR, MER and anyone else who dares to join the freaky party haha lol 

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Book Order Series: Standalone

Therapist by Jaden Wilkes