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Reaper’s Fall is the newest standalone in the Reaper's MC Series.  Painter & Melanie's story is FINALLY here!

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The New York Times bestselling author of Reaper’s Stand is back in her “uber-alpha rough world of MCs”* as one woman’s future is rocked by the man whose hardcore past could destroy her…

He never meant to hurt her.

Levi “Painter” Brooks was nothing before he joined the Reapers motorcycle club. The day he patched in, they became his brothers and his life. All they asked in return was a strong arm and unconditional loyalty—a loyalty that’s tested when he’s caught and sentenced to prison for a crime committed on their behalf.

Melanie Tucker may have had a rough start, but along the way she’s learned to fight for her future. She’s escaped from hell and started a new life, yet every night she dreams of a biker whose touch she can’t forget. It all started out so innocently—just a series of letters to a lonely man in prison. Friendly. Harmless. Safe.

Now Painter Brooks is coming home… and Melanie’s about to learn that there’s no room for innocence in the Reapers MC.

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“You want to watch a movie or something?” she asked, nodding toward the TV. I had a decent one, too. Giant-ass flat-screen—homecoming present from the club.
“Sure,” I said, reaching for the remote. I didn’t have cable, but Ruger had set up some kind of box thingie for me so I could stream shit. “Whatcha in the mood for?”
“Not horror,” she said quickly, and I laughed again, remembering that first evening I’d spent with her at Pic’s house. She’d been so young and scared and vulnerable . . . I’d wanted to eat her up.
I still wanted to eat her.
“I can’t believe that you and Puck were supposed to be watching over me, and then you put in a slasher movie. That’s not how you make a girl feel safe.”
“No horror,” I agreed, although the thought of holding her for a couple hours while she was scared shitless appealed way more than it should. Watch it, asshole. “How about Star Wars?”
“You like Star Wars?”
I shrugged. “Everyone likes Star Wars. You know, I’m pretty damned sure Han Solo was a biker.”
She giggled. “You mean, like a space biker?”
“See, when you say it like that it sounds stupid.”
“I wanted to be Princess Leia. She’s badass,” she said, taking a deep drink of her beer. I watched as her lips wrapped around the neck, her throat swallowing. Oh fuck, that was good. She set the beer down on the coffee table with a clink, then let loose with the biggest burp I’d ever heard.
“Fucking hell,” I said, stunned. “I didn’t think girls could burp like that. Shit. Impressive, Mel. Very impressive.”
She grinned at me.
“We’re friends,” she told me. “And friends don’t need to worry about stuff like that. Let me guess—you’ve never had a female friend before?”
“Not really,” I admitted. “I’m think I’m a little scared.”
Scared and turned on, which was weird.
“You should be. I can do the whole alphabet.”
Damn. I kinda wanted to see that.
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You know, I write these fuckin’ letters to you, but they’re fake. I ask about your friends and your school and whether you’re meeting people. It’s bullshit, Mel.
Here’s my reality.
Yesterday I stabbed someone before he could stab me. Puck and I sold some shit to a bunch of white supremacists and we turned around and sold the same damned thing to some Mexicans. We had pudding with our dinner for dessert.
Then I jacked off three times thinking about you.
Those are the highlights. Like a fairy tale, right? Remembering you keeps me going, which makes no fucking sense at all. I hardly touched you. I still think about what you smelled like when you sat next to me on the couch, though. You were just this little thing and you shivered under my arm. I know you were scared of the movie and I could’ve picked something else, but I wanted the excuse to hold you.
That’s when I started thinking seriously about us fucking.
I had this vision of shoving you into the cushions face- first, then ripping down your jeans and pushing so deep you’d feel it in the back of your throat. That’s the kind of guy I am, Mel, and that’s why you should stay the fuck away from me.
You give me the chance, I’ll pin you down and keep pumping no matter how hard you try to get away. I dream about it every night, I jerk off to it, and today I gave serious thought to killing a man because he has the same fantasies about you as me. That first night, I promised London I wouldn’t touch you, but my cock had already been hard for hours. Good thing she showed up when she did—saved your ass. How’s that for luck?
When I took you to dinner, I was going to be good. Tried to be good. I know you didn’t understand why I asked you out or what it meant. They needed you out of the way, Mel. That was my job—to keep you busy. And I promised London I wouldn’t pull shit on you but she’d been lying to us all along and I kept wondering if that meant my promise didn’t count anymore.
Pretty damned sure it hasn’t counted for a while now.
You were talking and smiling and blushing. My dick was so stiff it nearly snapped in half when I tried to stand up. Took everything I had not to throw you on my bike and ride off with you . . . I want to tie you up and come in your ass and shove my cock down your throat until you choke. I want your hair in little-girl pigtails so I can hold on tight while I fuck your face. I want you to cry and scream and give me everything. I want to fucking OWN you. How’s that for reality, Mel? You still want my advice about boys?
I’m coming home soon. You should run away while you still can, Mel. I’ll make you dirty, so dirty you’ll never be clean again. I’ll make you pay me back the hard way. You think you’re all grown up, but you’re not. There’s so much I could teach you . . . do to you. Jesus, if you only knew, you’d never write to me again.
You should move to Alaska.
Change your name.
Good luck, though, because I’ll find you and take you and—
Fucking hell.
I dropped my pencil, wondering why I’d thought this was a good idea. I wasn’t going to send it, of course. I’d send her some friendly little note and tell her she should be dating and having fun. But some part of me thought writing my real thoughts out might fix my obsession. Instead my dick was like a rock. Again.
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“You’re not going back to the party."
She cocked her head, and I saw the confusion in her alcohol- glazed eyes as she wrinkled her nose at me. All cute, like a rabbit.
“You look like a bunny.”
“You look like an ax murder,” she said, frowning. “And I thought London was looking for me. Aren’t we going the wrong way?”
“I lied. I do that a lot,” I told her, staring at her lips. I reached out, catching her chin in my hand, running my thumb across her lips. Our eyes locked, and I don’t know if her pulse started to rise but mine sure as fuck did. What the hell had I been thinking, writing to this girl? She was so pretty and perfect and had this amazing, magical life just waiting for her and all I could think about was dragging her down into the dirt and shoving my cock into every hole she had.
She’d scream while I did it, too, the same sweet screams that played in my head every night while I jacked off.
I hated myself.
“Why did you lie?” she asked, her voice a whisper.
“To get you away from Taz. It’s not safe with him.”
Mel’s forehead creased in confusion, her brain moving so slowly I could practically see the wheels turning behind her eyes. She might be smart as fuck most of the time, but she’d transitioned to drunker than fuck tonight. Kit. Kit and Em. They’d done this to her.  
I leaned in closer, catching her scent. For an instant I swayed, so tempted . . .
“They told me all about you,” she whispered.
“The other girls. Kit, Em. Jessica. I know how you operate,” she continued. One of her hands rose, touching my chest. Fire burst through me, because if I’d wanted her before I was desperate for her now. She was so soft, so sweet . . . so perfect.
Then her words sank in.
“What did you just say?”
“They told me all about you,” she said, eyes dropping to stare at  my lips. “They told me you have a Madonna-whore complex.” I froze.
“A what?”
“A Madonna-whore complex,” she repeated, her voice earnest. “You like to screw dirty girls and you put clean girls on pedestals, where they can stay perfect and pure. That’s pretty messed up, Painter. There’s no such thing as Madonnas and whores. We’re all just people.”
The words stunned me. What the hell was she talking about? Just because I didn’t want her dragged down in the drama and bullshit of this life didn’t mean I had some sort of fucking complex. And who the hell were the Hayes sisters to have an opinion? I couldn’t tell what pissed me off more—the fact that they’d talked to Mel about me or that they hadn’t done a better job of scaring her off.
She wasn’t supposed to be here.
“Kit and Em are crazy, and that friend of yours—Jessica? She’s like a car crash. You don’t belong here, Mel.”
“And where do I belong?”
“With some nice kid who’ll treat you like a queen and work his ass off to give you everything perfect for the rest of your life.” The words were practically a growl.
Her eyes widened.
“What if I don’t want perfect?”
“Too fucking bad, because that’s what you’re getting.”

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About the Author:
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Joanna Wylde is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Reapers Motorcycle Club series. She currently lives in Idaho.

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"Sexy. Beautiful. Toxic."


Reaper's Fall is the fifth book in the Reapers MC Series. The Reapers Men are one set of bikers that never fail to get the blood pumping. With action, steam, and temperamental characters,Reaper's Fall continues the tradition of fast bikes, rough men, and their spirited women.


Painter and Mel are not new characters to the series. Both made appearances in previous books. Painter has been with the club for a long time and Mel is a good friend of the club because of her close friendship with Jessica (London's niece). Painter and Mel have always had a history of attraction and a bit of a “young crush” has been an ongoing development between the two. While Painter was serving time in prison, Mel sent him letters and their friendship only continued to blossom.

"You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."-Painter


When Painter was finally out and able to resume his work in the club, Mel was surprised that he wasn’t interested in getting anything started with her. Both WANT to start something and yet, Painter has been holding back because he just doesn’t think he is good enough for Mel. When the two finally get together, the chemistry between the two was intense to say the least. Finally, all of that sexual tension has no problem busting loose! Because they had such a strong friendship (at the core of their relationship), it only made the two of them together more endearing and yet "red hot"! As Painter continues to balance his priorities between the club and Mel, things begin to get complicated. Mel must decide if she is ok playing second fiddle to the club. After a serious case of the back and forth, the two finally realize they simply cannot stay away from each other. 

"You'd really start a war over this girl?


Reaper's Fall was a good read. However, what was slightly problematic for me was the pacing throughout the first half of the book. The prologue begins with a bang. Then when we jump a few pages to the first chapter, you find yourself five years in the past. Therefore, the anticipation is high for the first half of the book. The tension, at times, felt forced and slightly "over the top". Painter and Mel were both complex characters and both had personality traits that were less than desirable. And yet, as the plot continues to develop, the tempo picks up significantly. I began to to invest in the story and both of the main characters became just like all of the other characters in this series. (People I cared about and wanted to find happiness in each other.) Told in multiple POV, Reaper's Fall is a must read for Reapers Fans. Although it wasn’t my favorite in the series, Mel and Painter have a unique story and I am so glad that I read it.


"This isn't over. It would never be over between us."-Painter


Overall, Reaper's Fall is another winner in the series. Despite my moments of frustration, there were moments of passion and tenderness that should not be missed. I enjoy the writing style of this author and throughout each book, my love for these bikers continues to grow! Although each book can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend taking the time to read the series in full from Book 1. What better way to become acquainted with some of the sexiest bikers around?

~BR with my girl LOYDA!!!!


***Reapers MC Series***
Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2) by Joanna WyldeDevil's Game (Reapers MC, #3) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Stand (Reapers MC, #4) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Fall (Reapers MC, #5) by Joanna Wylde

~ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY and Berkley/NAL Publishing in exchange for an honest review!~


My Rating 4.5***Love me some Painter Stars

Title: Reaper's Fall
Author: Joanna Wylde
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone book 5 of Reapers MC series
POV: First Person – Dual

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“She was mine. She’s always been mine. I’d be damned if I’d share her with another man.” Painter

Ok I’ve always liked painter since the beginning of the series. Yes he annoyed me for not claiming Em but I am so glad now that he didn’t because Painter and Mel are just amazing together. They were just perfect for each other.

This story is about Levi aka “Painter” Brooks. He went to jail for a while; He had met Mel right before he was sent to jail. They would write to each other and I was so happy that Mel did that because my poor Painter really deserved to be happy for once. However; he was hard headed like all the MC man you have met on this series. They are just too chicken to settle down for whatever reason afraid that they are just never good enough for their woman. The thing is they didn’t realize once the girls fall hard for them nothing really matters they are blinded by their love and relationship they have for them. 
“His gaze met mine, burning through me, and I swear-the world started spinning.” Mel

We met Melanie aka “Mel” Tucker on the last book she was Jessica’s best friend, she was the one that accidentally caused the house fire for London at least that’s what she always believe that it was her fault. Ever since Painter helped her on the last book she had a thing for him. Mel was young and her father was a drunk, her mother had abandoned her and she needed to feel safe and loved. London and Reese took her in but she knew she needed to get her own life together. Painter encouraged her and helped her with some cash and let her have his vehicle while he was in jail. Her letters gave him hope and kept him going. He was falling for this girl fast and he didn’t even know it. 
“Never stopped thinking about her, though. Not once. She’d become my anchor.” Painter

This book takes place in different time periods when they first met, while he was in jail, the time she waited for him. And then well she gets knocked up when he gets out and a whole new life Mel was not prepared to deal with but she managed even without Painter’s support because he gets put back to jail for another two years right after he found out about her baby. Time was not fun for these two but they both learned to be parents without having an intimate relationship once Painter was released from jail. The chemistry between these two was so hot omg I loved it so much. I understood why she wouldn’t forgive him. He realized a bit too late he fucked up big time but he never gave up on them; I loved painter so much on this book. He was ugh badass. Mel did end up being some badass herself at the end and I really loved that they both were able to understand each other at the end. Their daughter was just adorable I loved that baby girl was able to make their relationship better in some way.

Painter did his best to be there as a father for baby Izzy and he tried to be good for both of them. He was very talented as a painter his work was selling like hot bread he was making good “honest” money for Mel and his daughter. He let Mel do what she wanted but he had one rule “no dating bikers” it was stupid but I get it if she didn’t want to be with him because he was a member of the MC Reapers so why would she date another biker? I mean I get it. Well he finally couldn’t help it and finally claimed her. Lots of events happened that caused her to realize she would never be able to love anyone else, he had ruined her for anyone else and finally gave in. I love the way Painter was with Mel, I love how sweet he could be and how freaking HARD he could also be. He was just awesome in my eyes. Yes he fucked up but he grew up and realized what was important and I loved him for that.

I was so happy to see some of the Reapers showed up on this book. Reese what can I say I love that man haha. This book was really good, I enjoyed it from the beginning. I enjoyed how all the MC and the old ladies always had Painter and Mel’s back they are really true family and I loved them for that. I will be honest it took me a while to remember all the Reapers and the old ladies because it has been a while since I read the rest of the series but it was worth it. By the time I finished I remembered all of them and I cannot wait for the next book which I hope is Gage because damn that teaser was freaking HOTTT.

*****BR with my girl LIZ*****

"Arc Kindly provided by publisher via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review"


Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2) by Joanna WyldeDevil's Game (Reapers MC, #3) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Stand (Reapers MC, #4) by Joanna WyldeReaper's Fall (Reapers MC, #5) by Joanna WyldeReapers and Bastards A Reapers MC Anthology (Reapers MC, #4.5) by Joanna Wylde

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