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Elizabeth's Review~ Childstar 3~ J.J. McAvoy~ Contemporary Romance


~5 Stunning Stars~

"We were kids. The whole world was watching us. We couldn't breathe. We were trying to grow up, deal with the media, expand our careers, and hold on to each other."-Noah 


Childstar 3 is the third novella in the Childstar Trilogy and it was a non stop action packed read full of passion and desire! Every question is answered and the stakes are high as Amelia and Noah hold on tight to each other. In fact, Noah holds her so tight that sometimes she gets bruises! (Some might not be into the tough love thing...I just think YUMMY!)


"In the mirror, I could see light bruises, marks from his hands, that I was sure would look worse in the morning. However, I took them with pride."-Amelia 

Childstar 3 picks up as the aftermath of Childstar 2 is beginning to settle! Noah and Amelia have a mess on their hands. Despite the turmoil surrounding them, they both recognize the importance of staying strong together. Even when everything is burning up in flames around them, these two refuse to give up. 


Amelia and Noah must continue to film the movie, cover up their mistakes and continue to maintain an unblemished reputation in the press. With every step forward they take, the demons of their past are constantly dragging them two steps back. 


In addition to the rising tension in the plot, the secondary characters begin to play a more prominent role. I relish every second of Ms. McAvoy's writing. As Noah and Amelia are both evolving as a couple, we see them transform into strong individuals who will do anything to protect their love for each other. 


"My mouth dropped open from the sheer pleasure of it. He waited only for a second, if that, before pulling out and burying himself again, even deeper, over and over again."-Amelia

Told in dual POV, Childstar 3 was a perfect ending to this trilogy. The dialogue is rich with texture, the action scenes are intense, and the sexual escapades between Noah and Amelia only get hotter with each book! When reading Childstar 3, I experienced every emotion of the spectrum. I felt transported to another world in which, I never wanted to leave! This series has a unique plot, well developed characters, and a perfect story arc. I especially loved the epilogue! Nothing is better than walking away from Noah and Amelia with a huge smile on your face!


"My dream? The both of us, married, kids of our own, still acting. It was all possible~ after we healed from this."-Noah 


"What can I say? I grew up and changed the rating of my life."-Amelia

Overall, Childstar 3 is a must read! I simply cannot rave enough about this series. Everyone needs to meet Noah and Amelia now! Get your kindle ready because this is one series you do not want to miss! 

Childstar Series
Childstar 1 (Childstar, #1) by J.J. McAvoyChildstar 2 (Childstar, #2) by J.J. McAvoyChildstar 3 (Childstar, #3) by J.J. McAvoy

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~ARC graciously provided via J.J. McAvoy in exchange for an honest review! Thank you for sharing your work with me! I simply cannot get enough!~


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