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Elizabeth's Review~ Setta Jay~ Searing Ecstasy~ Paranormal Romance


~5 Can't Get Enough Stars~

"It’s just an illusion to hide the nightmare beneath. I’m not for you, dragon. No matter how much I wish I could be. The longing and regret in her tone was destroying him."-Delia


Searing Ecstasy is the seventh book in The Guardians of the Realms Series. This series is by far my favorite Paranormal Romance Series. The Guardians are powerful beings that are trying to protect the four realms, keep a solid balance between evil and good , and somehow manage to find their mate. 


Searing Ecstasy is the long awaited story of Drake the leader of the guardians. He works to maintain control over the guardians and at the same time battles his own raging dragon that lives within. In Binding Ecstasy, Drake discovered his mate Delia. Alas, they cannot be together because of the workings of a wicked man. Although he has been destroyed, the aftermath of his terror has left irrevocable destruction. Drake has rescued Delia and is trying to keep her safe in the Guardian Manor. Although he is trying to keep her comfortable, the pain of the two being apart weighs heavy on his heart and causes his dragon to rebel.

"He couldn't get anywhere near that fucking link. The connection was only getting more sensitive. Fighting the dragon didn’t alleviate the desire to fuck, not even marginally. He still felt the echoes of her mental touch even though they’d severed all contact." 


Delia had been badly beaten physically and emotionally and after enduring painful "medical testing" has been left with two beasts living inside of her. If she were to try to mate with Drake, she would then have a third beast (a dragon) housed in her body and she would be destroyed. Because Drake and Delia cannot be together, the pain is excruciating on them both. As Drake tries desperately to heal his mate, the emotional bond between the two continues to strengthen. Drake's ability to lead the guardians is wavering as he mourns over the separation from Delia. Additionally, Drake has to contend with two Gods now on the loose. 


In addition to Drake and Delia's story, we also get an extra bonus of the continuation of Sander and Nastia's story. Nastia is a fiery female who will not submit to anyone. Until of course, she meets her match. Nastia and Sander are intense together and their witty banter made me smile the entire read!

“Let’s go, so you can get to fucking my brains out, nasty girl.”

The camaraderie between the Guardians is unique as they live together as a family. The emotional investment the reader makes in each character is rewarded in full as their stories continue throughout each book of the series. Imagine reading your favorite book over and over again but not getting bored because it just keeps getting better and better! 


Searing Ecstasy is a phenomenal read with it's thorough character development, engaging plot, and "smoking hot" sex scenes! Having the word ecstasy in each title of each book could not be a more appropriate description of what you will experience while reading this series! 

"It was a desperate mating of their mouths that he leaned into and managed to control without even using his hands. She was dizzy with it by the time she broke away to caress every inch of his throat and chest as she moved down, straddling one thick thigh, rotating her hips as she licked and sucked her way to her prize."

Told in multiple POV, I simply did not want this story to end. The action was well paced and the descriptive writing of Ms. Jay establishes the believability of this paranormal world with ease! The scope of emotions felt while reading Searing Ecstasy was vast as I felt pain, fear, sadness, passion, and utter joy right along with these characters.


Overall, Searing Ecstasy is a must read for Paranormal Romance Fans. This series just keeps getting better with each book. I simply cannot rave enough about The Guardians of the Realm. As for which Guardian is my favorite, I can only say I love them all. I simply cannot wait to see what happens next in this fantastical world. Bravo Ms. Jay! I will be anxiously awaiting the next Guardian's Story in this series! 

~ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!~


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