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Elizabeth's Review~ Childstar 2~ J.J. McAvoy~ Contemporary Romance


~5 Can't Get Enough Stars~

"She wasn't under my spell. I was under hers."-Noah 


Childstar 2 is the second novella in the Childstar Trilogy. With fast paced action, sultry steam, and complex characters, Childstar 2 is a must read! 


Childstar 2 begins in the same hotel room where Childstar 1ended. Amelia is coming to terms with "the big reveal" and Noah stays right beside her the entire time. With the understanding that they are committed to each other, Amelia and Noah must face down their adversaries, keep their managers satisfied, and continue to film the movie Sinners Like Us , all with smiles plastered on their faces!

"Being an actor was great at a time like this. All of those years of training on how to give an emotional performance that resonated with viewers came to the forefront of my mind."-Amelia


Amelia and Noah don't have long to bask in the glory of being together before mayhem irrupts around them. Amelia makes the choice to do whatever it takes to protect him. She exposes herself emotionally in every way in order to protect her love. I loved her transformation from the timid "Hollywood Good Girl" to the "Bad Ass Bitch" that will battle anyone who tries to tear them apart! Amelia is able to enlist support from some very surprising places!

"To kill a lion, you can't be another lion, you've got to be the motherfucker with the gun."


"Sinners Like Us was the metamorphosis of Amelia London."-Noah

In addition to the mystery and suspense surrounding our lovers, Noah displays a tender side that only enhances my love for him. What I want is a bad boy. What I really want is a bad boy that knows how to make his woman feel good in every way! Noah knows how to deliver and his delivery is "first class" every time! He and Amelia have an explosive sexual chemistry that has only intensified after the years they were apart. Additionally, the emotional connection is strong. 

"You worry about me, and I'll worry about you. That's how we work."-Noah


Told in dual POV, Childstar 2 is an addictive read that is sure to please action/romance readers everywhere. The plot is well developed, the characters are complex, the pacing is upbeat, and the romance between Noah and Amelia will leave you breathless!

"A decade of Amelia. I wasn't a fortune teller, but I was sure that would involve us spending most nights alternating between work, sex, and Netflix. Every once in a while, we might do something crazy like socialize with other human beings. Sounds like paradise!"-Noah


Overall, Childstar 2 is a must read! This trilogy is sure to put a smile on your face and leave you wanting more. There is just something special about a couple that takes on the world together. I find myself married to my kindle as I offer commentary throughout the entire read. When it comes to Noah and Amelia, I am their champion and biggest fan! Get your kindles don't want to miss this read!


***Childstar Series***
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~ARC graciously provided via J.J. McAvoy in exchange for an honest review! Thank you for sharing your work with me! I simply cannot get enough!~


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