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My Rating 4.5***Soul Mate Stars

Author:S.M. Yair-Levy
Type:Book 1 of The Collectors Series
POV:First Person - Dual

“The world was dark again without her light…This wasn’t her fairytale, her happy ending.” Dylan

Stolen is the story of a twenty-one year old Dylan Prescott aka “Temperance Elementa”. After the death of her parents she felt alone even with her grandmother’s love and her best friend Aria; she tried to distance herself from everyone. She was bound to never open up and give her heart to anyone because loosing love ones hurt so much. Dylan went to college and met Tristian; a hot, mysterious and intimidating boy that affected her in ways she couldn’t comprehend. When their teacher puts them together as partners for the rest of the semester she didn’t know what to do with that. Dylan was stubborn and wasn’t putting up with cocky Tristan.

Tristian Steward aka “Tristian Effingo”; had been watching Dylan for two years now but when he was pared with her on class; being near her gave him the feels he had never had for anyone before. He wasn’t human and neither was her but she didn’t know that yet. He had an assignment and it was to find her and her “real parents” location. When Dylan found out that she wasn’t a human the information was so hard for her to take in but if it wasn’t for the vampires and stuff she actually witnessed she would have not believed Tristan. Everyone was after Dylan; she was the most powerful Demon there was and she didn’t even know
“How is it the one person you shouldn’t have is the one person you can’t imagine living without?” Tristian

During the time Dylan and Tristian spent together they started having feelings for each other. The more time they spent together the stronger the feelings. Dylan found herself in trouble and was able to use some of her powers but it almost killed her. Tristan helped her thru it and tried to stay with her until his work was done. He knew they couldn’t be together once his job was completed he would disappear to his world and never see her again. However; the pulled between these two was so strong it was hard not to feel it. I loved the chemistry that Dylan and Tristian had; it was epic they both absolutely fell for each other.
“He wanted to brand her, to stamp his mark into her flesh for the entire world to see she was his.” Tristian

They were both Soul extracting demons, they use the souls of people to give them more power. Dylan wasn’t happy per say with this revelation she was afraid of this. She even stopped Tristian when she saw him stealing the soul of a police officer. She couldn’t bare the idea of feeding off of people. However; she was tricked and given to an evil Demon that wanted to use her powers which she didn’t yet have or knew how to use them. The entire book was a roller coaster ride, I was a nervous wrecked. Time was precious on this book and I just couldn’t stop reading. I was on the edge of my seat I wanted Tristian to save Dylan so bad, I wanted Dylan to be strong and get her powers; however she was new to this world of Demons, Werewolf, Vampires and was not strong enough as everyone kept saying she was. This book was full of action and suspense I just couldn’t get enough I wanted answers, I loved all the characters Tristian was my favorite, Dylan, her friend Aria, even Asher he was such a fun Demon. I can’t wait to read the next book on this series. The ending well….all I know is that I will cry myself to sleep tonight because I was completely not expecting all the events at the ending of this book. It literally got me by surprised and gutted me. Like laterally I need therapy and I really don’t know what my feelings are doing right now but I might need a lot of booze to survive the waiting of book two. To all my paranormal/fantasy readers you need to read this.
“He was hers as much as she was his. Nothing could keep them apart now. She owned him and he’d follow her to the gates of Hell if need be.” Tristian

"Copy Kindly provided to me by Author, in exchange for an honest review"


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