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My Rating 5***Fascinating Stars

Title: 3 Truths And A Lie
Author: Lisa Gardner
Genre:Mystery Crime
Type:Short Stories
POV:First Person – Female


3 Truths and A Lie is truly a very short story but I couldn’t help being captivated and wanting to know the mystery. What mystery you asked? Well D.D. Warren is one of my favorite female detectives she is a total badass. If you’ve read some of Lisa Gardner’s books you will know why. You will fall in love with D.D’s character. This book was no different it was a really great short story that I couldn’t stop reading.

Detective D.D. Warren takes an assignment she wasn’t thrilled about but her husband the blood splatter expert Alex Wilson had convinced her to do it. When she is usually busy solving crimes on this short story she has a total different assignment; to teach at least one hundred thriller writers about her job, to provide them with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. She had only fifthly minutes to teach her blood eager students and she wanted to make it worth their time. Boy was it worth it?! Yes it was I was so captured by her story that I felt like one of the student sitting in front of her picturing the crime scene she was describing trying to answer her questing and figuring out what a detective would do to solve this crime and who the killer was. I was fascinated with this story and her attitude of course i love her.

"Boston homicide works as three-people squads. I'm a sergeant detective, meaning I'm the so called leader of my squad, though my teammates, Phil and Neil, would love to argue."


She was like

And I was like


She figured the best way to keep her class awake was to tell them about the most shocking true case she had to solve. I don’t want to give out the details because it’s so short that I will be giving away the book and it’s so good not to read it. D.D. educates her classroom how to solve a murder the right way by providing them step by steps details of what a real murder case is handled under her authority. She made her classroom guess all the clues and at the end I was so shocked that I didn’t figure out what the lie was bahaha. I should have known but I was just like the writers sitting hungry to try to figure out what she was saying. It truly was a good book that kept me on the edge of my bed. Now I feel the need to get more of this writer. She teases you with the first two chapters of her new book coming out on February of next year and boy do I want to get my hands on that book right now?! Yes I do. To all my romance readers this book may not be for you as it is a suspense thriller with no romance.


"ARC Kindly provided via netgalley, in exchange for an honest review."

Pre-Order Link: Release date January 5, 2016

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