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Elizabeth's Review~Hard Beat~ K. Bromberg~ Contemporary Romance


"Remember, sometimes what's right isn't always what's needed. Sometimes what's needed isn't always what's wanted. And sometimes you just have to live in the moment, take what's given, and sort out the consequences later."


Hard Beat is book 7 of the Driven Series. K. Bromberg offers a steamy story set in the treacherous world of war. Hard Beat is a beautiful and raw story of a man getting a second chance at love and life!


Tanner has always been a take no prisoner's street smart reporter. He is willing to go the distance to get a story. He is strong, confident, and cocky! When his best friend and partner Stella is killed on the job, Tanner has to find his way back. He is tortured by her memory and feels in his heart he will never find peace in his work again. The only way to chase his demons is to get back on the job. Despite his fears, he makes his way back to the shadows of the war torn world where he can find the next best story and regain his semblance of life.

"Guess it's time for this pawn to move past its zone of protection and face the queen."-Tanner


Upon his return, it doesn't take Tanner long to recognize a new face in the press crowd. The sultry and sassy photographer Beaux is new to the scene. Instantly, Tanner's body recognizes her as a temptation from the moment their eyes meet! The connection is fierce and smoking hot. After a one night stand, Tanner makes the realization that Beaux is not only the newest "hot piece" on the scene but in fact, she is his new partner. The realization cuts Tanner deep in his soul as he must come to terms with this new arrangement. Not only does he have a replacement for Stella but he has strong feelings for her that neither can deny.

"See something you want, Pulitzer?"-Beaux


As Tanner and Beaux navigate through their new working relationship, the sexual tension continues to rise. Both are headstrong individuals and the dialogue of give and take between the two would put any presidential debate to shame! The constant "advance/retreat" between them is a like a seductive tango full of twists and turns. Even with the stressful work conditions and the internal demons they both are facing, they manage to form a friendship that quickly progresses into so much more. And yet, things aren't always as they seem. Beaux has many secrets and the harder Tanner tries to push her to reveal them the harder she pushes him away. 


"The sound of her coming undone is enough to make every part of me ache like a man on fire walking knowingly into the flame."-Tanner

Told in Tanner's POV, Hard Beat is a must read for Driven Fans! The plot is unique and well developed with plenty of action, steamy sex, and tenderness. Tanner and Beaux are both well developed characters. The tempo is well paced and the heart of the story is one that I will never forget! It has taken me a few days for the story to really sink in and settle. This is a story with a complex plot and you don't want to miss any of the pieces as they come together! In true Bromberg fashion, we get a glimpse of some of our favorite characters from other books in the series. The continuity of being back with old characters is like coming home!


"If you don't like the ending, change it."

Overall, Hard Beat was a fantastic read! I am never disappointed when I pick up a K. Bromberg book. She pours an abundance of love into her characters and it spills out on the pages as each scene unfolds. I will never get tired of reading her work! Hard Beat is a true delight! 

***The Driven Series***

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